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My name is Leo DeLisi and I have been self employed in the financial sector for 35 years. I am a former Catholic who grew up in the church, but realized I knew who Jesus was, but didn’t know Him. My world has been changed in such powerful ways since coming to know Jesus.I became a born again Christian about 20 years ago, and currently lead weekly men’s Bible studies, c0-lead a large church prayer team, host Bible studies in our home with my beautiful wife of 32 years, and have the privilege to have raised two beautiful, godly children who have married godly spouses. I have a desire to take my volunteer work to another level, getting ordained to officiate weddings, funerals, and possible chaplaincy work. I feel the Lord is calling me to use my experiences to help further His Kingdom.I love the Lord, and search His inerrant word daily, and long to let those around me find the peace and joy that I have found through Jesus.

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