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Born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania raised by Christian mother and father who required Sunday school and attendance at church immediately after Bible school. We were poor — yet rich with love. I was surrounded by five siblings growing up.  My sister and four brothers have followed their spirit aiming for legacy. We all follow our own paths with the intent to do good. At times, the pathway has been filled with roadblocks. Spiritual silence will help and has help us to mature our troubled family. In a world with little to offer –at times not following Christian beliefs.

Harrisburg High School, Harrisburg, PA graduate; seeking my own way I joined the U.S. Army shortly after graduation, served on active duty for twenty-eight years. I earned a promotion to First Sergeant (Enlisted rank: 1SG/E8, one rank from highest for a Non-Commissioned Officer). The results of a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). This accident ended my military career.

Earned a bachelor’s degree of Business Management, at National Louis University.  A senior pursuing a bachelor’s degree of Psychology-Christian Counseling, at Liberty University.  Once complete will earn second degree. As a result of the Veterans Vocational Rehabilitation program additional rehabilitative train made through Veterans declared/ classified one hundred percent permanent and total disabled.

Enroll to Light University online course follow-up and reinforcement Christian-Theology and Bible methodology. God’s will to reassure his love and grace for errors and forgiveness.  Ministering requires compassion for self and those who seek God’s forgiveness. His love for Christians and non-believers that renew their spiritual road map.

I have received numerous certificates of completion. Courses support subjects such as, “Caring for people God’s Way.”  completed course related to theology belief system (God and religious beliefs).

Serve as a Whole-Health Peer Group Facilitator, McGuire Veteran Medical Center, Richmond VA, instructing veterans groups medical selfcare classes for Disabled Veterans.

Objective is to teach them how to identify, care, and advocate for their medical needs and find better methods to reduce medicines while helping them find holistic healing.

Have volunteer with the local PACE [New Management: InnovAge Senior Center] program facilitating the Men’s Ministry group. It is design to help uplift and walk with spirit. And to build teamwork throughout the community and by helping others through Christian worldview.

More importantly, ministering spiritual growth is the pathway which pave the road to salvation –through faith, love, and grace. It gave me great pleasure to sustain and watch the senior grow spiritually and medically.  Ministering senior loneliness mends their hearts and helps to shape their souls to be humble.

Individual success is evidence of actions those who participate sharing Bible verses. The ministering souls to uplift and rebuilds minds for God’s purpose. The intent is to be Champions for Christ. Senior More than twenty men and caregivers in attendance during ministry.

Dialog consistently with other ministries tosto new ideals to serve our God as one body.  God’s compass to ensure the call is center and we embrace his gift.

Volunteer to minister the churches summer youth programs. Saint James Baptist Church has frequently requested my wife and I to support various Church initiatives and supported out of local community ministries.

Have and continue to write articles, write prose(s) and poetry recognize as an author. I have written several articles that are published in the Fall 2019 a Spring 2020, for the Veterans Voices Writing Project a 501(c)3 organization we donate to (” Sample topic: Healing and Building Positive Mindfulness.

Volunteer to facilitate Local high school ‘student Relation Panel, ‘ every quarter. Use ministry skills to demonstrate it ok to resolve fears and please our Lord.  Panel staff offer speaking engagement about various youth topics. For example, the owner of a service dog I am requested to assist others with disabilities [Disabled Veterans with service dog field topics to share experiences of faith healingchealing is God’s purpose while recovering.  One such topic is ‘Recovery after hospitalization.’ I am ministering the request of organizations serving veterans and the local community.

Serving the military for 28 years (retired) it is God’s aim to bless Christians of numerous  diversities. Spiritual walk alongside those who feel they do not have a righteous path. Walk with Thee Ministry (Church) will continue to use the message to help in the communities and the world. To empower and strengthen souls. To willfully given back to all who will share in the Gift! The Bible is the Book written through God’s breath and translated by Man’s hands the light source to defeat darkness. This Ministry will be the footprint in the sands …to be saints step-for-steps.

Testimony: first my life has been moments of trials and tribulations riddled the spirit up and down temptation and heartaches. I still standing as Jesus embrance his walk.  To share all I have been requires for this seeking the word, ultimatley  salvation.

On April 11, 2019 I had a skiing accident that involved fracture of the c 3 – c 6 vertebra, 2 rods, and eight screws along with months of recovery. Through God’s grace, I am still walking, but in the clinician be’s eyes it was supposed to be a wheelchair.

This is the second time I experience a similar incident. God is not a myth! He see us, knows our faith and truth — helps us through difficulties carrying the truth of our spirit, especially when it represent brokenness. Brokenness is ones of God’s pathway to renew the mind, body, and soul.

Timing–where time stops, physical vessel stop feeling the work of our Lord. Seeking God’s grace to share our spiritual journey.  Christians will fears who shut down andDand fail to listen (believers and non-believers) to hear God’s word. I am a champion for the Lord serving His purpose.

I (we) to listening to hear his call to serve.  The power of bibical walk is shields us. Simply give our worries to Him according His word. I will continue in good faith to build our ministry. I am surrounded by godly hands who will guide me. The doors will surely be open arms to receive all souls.

As a member of American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC), a tool to embrace and fill my soul with the glory of his compassion. As a result was ordained by the United National Ministry since 2017. My goal is to be the voice and spiritual leader for the souls who gather seeking forgiveness and the spiritual fight to improve hope for the glory of salvation.   Goal is to continue the walk wherever this ministry is needed. To shape youths and adults with the open arms of righteousness steady to receive God’s children.

Use network media forums to ensure this ministry/church minimally impact to share ‘Psalm’ delivery of  soul to the Most High, especially as we recovery from Covid19. This will to share “Walk with thee Ministry mission, goals and objectives. Asserting what will betbe cornerstone of trust and faith an example of God expression of love. He does not forsake you. I am his messenger made in his image; I am an obedient servant therefore my heart shares God’s word.  God’s guidance allows this ministry to be servants.  The Bible is an eye full for all to adhere to. Spiritual goals to be a Victor — and shed the word: Victim.

I am carpenter as was Jesus. I love reading and writing poetry, lifetime Member of the Garden club, Master Handyman Association, godly skills use to help those in need. I love to golf, fish and to bike (disability requires use of recumbent bike), love to walk, especially with Sebert my Service Dog. Love to shop for collectibles with wife. Love ministering, sharing and coaching youth! God’s gift of tools to be a leader and missionary.

God made me who I am today. He allows me to come this far. I will never quit as He has not forsaken me.

I will share sainthood in this vessel until called to be his Angel warrior. At which point, I will remain at His service.

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