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I am a third generation ordained minister. However belief in the Lord Jesus Christ goes back generation after generation. I was raised in a Christian home by my Dad and Mom as well as 5 siblings. Worked hard on a Horse Farm and went to High School as well as a Vocational Technical School. Then 8 years in the Marine Corp. Up to this point you could say I lived a blessed life. Baptized and Steadfast in my Faith.After the Marine Corp I met and married the mother of my two daughters. Attended church and ran my own construction company. At this point life problems began, no more fairy tail. My wife began drinking in large amounts and I had to raise the girls and business on my own. Then she ran off and had twins to another man while married to me. I raised girls on my own and struggled with business. I divorced her after trying to honer my vows of marriage before the Lord and man. Having twins with another man was just to much. And was in line with the Lords Answer of divorce. This period of time is when I really learned about our Lord Jesus and his faithfulness.After this I mourned and kept moving forward. Joined a church where I served as an Usher, Head Usher, Security Team, Missions Team Construction Leader for 6 trips etc.  This is when I felt called to ministry, open to the Lords leading. I have put evangelist on this form even though I have been told Pastor. This is up to the Lord since I act as much like a Marine sometimes as I do someone with a Pastors heart.      ( open to the holy spirit working on that )About 10 years ago my mother was dying with Alzheimer s and I moved up to Northern Pa to help take care of her. During this time I found an online seminary and became ordained and received my ThD, planning to lead missions again. However I am not the lord of my life. The Lord Jesus is and am working on following his lead.I believe that joining this Association is the next step in that. I plan to wait on the Lord and follow Him. Utilizing life’s lessons and His Grace, with the Power of the Holy Spirit to go forth and spread the Word. I can’t tell you how that looks, I am just keeping my eyes on Him who redeemed me. I pray this info is what was asked of me.In ChristCraig A Berdanier

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