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I am a 31 year old Christian man with 2 children and my third due in a couple of weeks. Because of my childhood filled with abuse and let down, I grew up not believing in God, until one night when I was 13. I had just moved across the country to live with my dad in southern Alabama, and his whole family were Christian down there.  I lived there for a few months before I learned about my spiritual gifts and began my relationship with Christ. The night I got saved was actually a very scary night. Me and my two friends were sitting out on the back porch all night, and they were preaching to me, trying to save me. At that moment in time, demonic forces surrounded our property, but they could not get in. TlMy friends Chris and Alex could feel them, but I could see them. It was a Saturday night, and I gave my life to Christ at around 1 am sunday morning, and woke up for church at 630 am a completely different person.

Ever since then, I have seeked out the Lord, and studied his return. I have always been focused on spiritual warfare, healing, and the rapture followed by the second coming of Christ.  I grew up learning the signs, and now I see the signs of his imminent return today.

In my life, I have been back and forth as to which church was the true church. I could not stand volunteering at a church to only hear leadership in meetings trying to deal with the bigger church in their city, and how they were “blowing us out of the water.” I can’t stand pastors who use the gospel for their own financial gain.

I currently am a member of the LDS church, for the past 4 years. My wife and I have been praying, and the Holy Spirit has instructed me to open my own ministry, and teach the true gospel. I have never believed the book of mormon to be true, nor that Jospeh smith was a prophet. I did however believe in the melchizedek priesthood, which is why I joined. By joining this church, the spirit has taught me even more about my faith amd how faith and healing ultimately work.  I am leaving the Church, and doing as the Lord has commanded me.

I plan on starting an online ministry first, and eventually moving up to a church building with regular sunday services. I plan on using any and all tithing money to put right back into the world.  I believe that pastors should not be sitting in their offices week in and week out. I believe in getting out and spreading the gospel. That is done by showing love to thy neighbor, no matter their ethnicity or country that they are from. I dream of flying all over the world, providing food, water, and shelter to families. When a natural disaster strikes, we will be there. When a local families house burns down, we will be there. When the homeless person on the street is hungry and cold, we will be there.  I have a huge dream about this ministry that the spirit has given me, and I am ready to run with it.

I currently work as a firefighter, and that provides the income needed to provide for my family and the time off to grow this ministry and impact the lives of the people in this world who are hurting. The Lord is coming back soon, and we are running out of time. The work must get done, and I am stepping up.

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