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Raised in a pastor’s family, as was my wife Kimberly. Been part of church ministry for decades. Have a MA in Christian Ministry and a Master of Divinity. Have been director of children, choir, deacons and evangelism in various denominational churches. Prefer to do the bulk of kingdom work outside the four walls of a building. Joined NACM in 2013 and became State Coordinating Elder in 2019. I finally retired from public school teaching in 2017, and now I’m currently working as chaplain resident in order to obtain CPE certification. My profile photo is on a San Diego County beach in southern California, the same weekend I received my laying on of the hands blessing. The background photo is in northern California near highway 4 and 89. My travels during my 40 year residence in California has taken me to all borders on our great state. I enjoy the diversity of cultures and environments I see throughout my journeys of this state.

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