A Study Shows There’s a 50% Chance We’re Living in a Simulation

Scientists and philosophers meet at the bleeding edge of simulation theory. Because the question is so big, many experts approach it from very different angles. The weighted Bayesian calculation has a lot of assumptions built in. If real life in 2020 seems like just too much, take comfort in some breaking news: scientists say odds […]

5 Trends Shaping the Next Season of Next Gen Discipleship

2020 has been a year of disruption, to say the least. From the pandemic to a movement of demonstrations for racial justice to the looming presidential election, U.S. residents—along with many of their global neighbors—are living in a state of uncertainty. And younger adult generations (in our research, Millennials and Gen Z) are facing some […]

What Non-Christians Want from Faith Conversations

  A growing secularization and a waning interest in religious matters have contributed to tension in faith conversations today. This apathy is spreading among Christians themselves; as Barna recently reported, almost half of practicing Christian Millennials say evangelism is morally wrong. Our recent report Reviving Evangelism, produced in partnership with Alpha USA, looks at the […]

State of Theology

State of Theology: Evangelicals Hold Steady on Doctrine, More Outspoken on Politics American evangelicals make mostly incremental changes around some common heresies. Caleb Lindgren State of Theology: Evangelicals Hold Steady on Doctrine, More … In the latest survey of Americans’ theological views, evangelicals stood out for their love of their Savior and Scripture, but like […]

Global Christian News

Global Christian News

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