“What’s true for me may not be true for you…” Really? Possibly?

By Michael Mooney, Exec. Elder   Upon hearing such a thing, it may seem like this is a good explanation for why people believe different things, and a great attitude to hold to enjoy peaceful interpersonal human relations. However, upon greater consideration this statement begins to reveal major inconsistencies.   For example, what if I … Read more

A Call to Arms

We are and always have been at the end of days. Not actually knowing the Lord’s time line is not relevant to this point. The signs have been and continue to be a part of this existence, only the level of depravity and the calendar have changed. But we as Christians should live everyday as … Read more

Atheist Says Babies with Down’s Syndrome Should be Aborted

Syndicated from Christian Today  Aborting babies with Down’s syndrome or “serious” disabilities would be “wise and sensible,” atheist Richard Dawkins has said. The God Delusion author was put on the spot about a 2014 tweet in which he said it would be “immoral” to bring a baby with Down’s syndrome into the world if given the choice.  … Read more

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