Facing Woke Religion, the Gospel is Still Good News

By NEIL SHENVI AND PAT SAWYER, Syndicated from The American Conservative  The ideology of Critical Social Justice is best challenged not by secular liberalism but by the hope preached by Christianity for thousands of years. The last few years have witnessed a great revival in the United States, as people have gathered to hear a … Read more

Michael Youssef condemns 'woke' culture that is creeping into evangelical churches: 'Deadly' for the Gospel

CHRIS FIELD, Syndicated from TheBlaze Issues dire warning against ‘Marxist’ Critical Race Theory Atlanta pastor Michael Youssef shared a powerful warning this week to evangelical churches to watch out for “woke” pastors who hide from telling the hard truths, as well as far-left ideology that is making its way to the pulpit. The insidious theology … Read more