Hi West Virginia

As usual the blessings of the Holy Spirit in my life are overflowing. I got through the test I was anxious about in Oceanography. I don’t know that I got a high mark on it, but I at least passed it. I also received a blessing from the commander of the Salvation Army, Huntington WV corps recently. We are opening a new center called Pathways of Hope. It will be geared toward helping people break the cycle of generational poverty. We will also be working with addicts, homeless,and other at risk groups. The commander told me that she wants me to work in the center as a peer support specialist at least on a part time basis.

I have been a soldier in the Salvation Army for two years. I knew the Lord was planning to use me as a soldier so I stepped out on faith and bought four new uniforms to go with the one I had. Now I know the reason God led me to buy the uniforms. I will need them for work. God is so good. As always if anybody needs anything my phone number is (304) 360-1358. I may not have all the answers but we will find them together.

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