Welcome all N.A.C.M. brothers and sisters to this Ministry of Photography group!

Welcome brothers and sisters to N.A.C.M.’s Ministry of Photography group!

Please take a moment to tell the group about your interest in photography and/or videography as it relates to ministry.

This group was founded on the principal that God embued each of us with certain spirit-filled talents to bring glory to Him, as well as to educate and enrich the lives of ourselves and our fellow men and women. Among such talents may include such things as painting, sculpting, singing and songwriting, crafting, teaching, writing, preaching and witnessing, amongst many other God-given gifts and interests, including photography and/or videography.

It is our intent that this group will be a safe place to share our mutual interests as they relate, specifically, to photography and/or videography, and to fellowship with one another, as well as to educate and offer assistance when possible.

Posting of your creative photographic and videographic works is encouraged, but please limit your submissions to nonpolitical, spirit-centered, original works. By submitting your creative works to this group, you are doing so with the understanding that other members may offer helpful criticism, in addition to loving encouragement and praise.

Also, please keep in mind that some N.A.C.M. members in this group may be located in other countries around the world without broadband (high speed) internet connections. Submissions that are too large or which contain content that may be objectionable will be considered on a case-by-case basis for removal.

Questions and posts to this group must be related to photography and/or videography, but not necessarily faith-related, i.e. general topic questions and posts are permitted. No questions are too basic, so long as they relate to the topic of this group, but frequent questions will be added to a F.A.Q. (frequently asked questions) database for viewing by all members.

Outside links are permitted, but the same rules apply as to photographs, videos, questions and posts that are submitted directly to this group.

Thank you, everyone, for joining this new N.A.C.M. Ministry of Photography group. May we get from it what we put into it and may each member of this fellowship of kindred Christian professional and amateur photography and videography enthusiasts find spiritual benefits through participation and blessings herein.

Praise on high to God Almighty and may His light shine brilliantly in every corner and every heart throughout the world. Amen.

Rev. Daryl W. Wilson, Group Administrator
N.A.C.M. Ministry of Photography

2 thoughts on “Welcome all N.A.C.M. brothers and sisters to this Ministry of Photography group!”

  1. Good Afternoon to all again. Have been out of the “loop” for a while due to some challenges and now able to get back in the swing of things. I have been praying for you, thinking of you, and planning for you as it relates to the Gathering in August this year. My prayer is that ALL could come, would come, and will experience God in a new way. We have given the intel about it since the last one, in August of last year, and that the site has been secured since September of last year. Please, let me encourage us all to be part of this time together and share with each other. There is room for kids to play, as it will be at a park. Given we need “indoor” facilities and not simply an outdoor facility, there is a small cost to get into the park, of (current price)$6.00 per car. Please be aware so there are no surprises. Meat, buns, drinks are provided, so please bring your favorite “go along” dishes as it will be picnic type food. We are striving to make it as cheap as possible, and wont be starting until noon to give all the ability to drive in that morning if possible, and home that evening if needed. Last year, some made it a weekend to simply get away for a bit. That is also an option, and Coon Rapids, MN area has multiple hotels present.
    On a different note, let me share some thoughts that have challenged Karen and me for almost three years, and even more so since October of last year. We in the church have the great ability to encourage, uplift, disciple, and help others along the way in their lives. We also have the power to be discouraging, if not very hurtful. The choice is ours. We can seemingly choose to be so right we are wrong in some cases, but I would rather be guilty of grace given, even when I have had to have tough conversations with others. Jesus gave His disciples all the grace He had, even when He had to confront them. Yet rarely do we see Christ confronting His disciples unlike the Scribes and Pharisees, and alleged teachers of the law. It seems to me that if we as ministers can be so in tune with the vision and desire to be grace of Jesus extended, we may well see not only the lives of others uplifted, but also our own. In eastern Kentucky, there is a saying: Before you plate your chicken, make sure its fried. Before we speak to others, even in the tough stuff, can we not make sure we have “fried” those thoughts in prayer, love, the Holy Spirit, and Grace?
    Be Blessed.

    Micah, State Elder

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