The Weapon of Worship

Rethinking the power of worship By Mike Glenn, Syndicated from Christianity Today These days, we’ve rediscovered the language of spiritual warfare. The warfare metaphor is used whenever the church undergoes a tough season. The culture in North America has turned against the church. The social contract that existed for so long between the church and … Read more

How to patiently bear with others’ faults like Job in the Bible

By Dolors Massot, Syndicated from Aleteia In daily living, we’ve all experienced that forgiveness is a great demonstration of love. Forgiving others for what they have done to us requires a voluntary act that is sometimes difficult, even very much so, to the point that when it comes to serious offenses we consider forgiveness to be … Read more

‘Death Apple’

Syndicated from How Stuff Works The manchineel (Hippomane mancinella), or death apple tree (“The Manzana de Muerte”), is a very poisonous species found around the Caribbean and northern tropics. This one stands on Bastimentos Island in northwestern Panama. Whether you climb them, hug them or admire them, trees are one part of nature that are so … Read more

Should we think biblically about our politics or politically about our faith?

By Bill Haslam, Syndicated from the Christian Times Two-term governor of Tennessee Bill Haslam. | Bill Haslam In Mere Christianity, C.S. Lewis points out that God reveals political ends in the Bible, but he is not as specific about the means to achieve those ends. We are supposed to feed the hungry, but we are not told how … Read more

Christians preaching the Gospel?

By Steven Begakis, Syndicated from the Christian Post Is the central message of American evangelicalism today that God opposes racism, or is it the good news that God offers salvation to those who are guilty of racism? Over the last year, the moralistic message of the “Black Lives Matter” movement has too often eclipsed the Christian … Read more

The ‘Wicked Bible’ of the17th Century

By Tegan Jones, Syndicated from the Pedestrian Group Back in the 17th century a typo in a reprinting of the King James bible caused the vast majority of copies to be hunted down and destroyed. It’s often referred to as the Wicked Bible thanks to an unfortunate, but hilarious, mistake in the Ten Commandments. Here’s … Read more

Only 6% of Americans have a ‘biblical worldview.’

By Michael Gryboski, Syndicated from the Christian Post  Only 6% of Americans have a “biblical worldview,” according to research from notable evangelical pollster George Barna released as part of a new endeavor with the Christian conservative advocacy organization Family Research Council. In a statement Wednesday, FRC announced that Barna, who founded the influential evangelical polling organization Barna Group, … Read more

The Differences Between Retention of Men and Women Using Digital Bibles

By Rebecca Randall, Syndicated from Christianity Today Men are more likely than women to finish Bible reading plans on an app, but they don’t glean as much as when using a good, old-fashioned paper book, according a recent study in the Journal of Religion, Media, and Digital Culture. Women retained about the same amount of information and completed … Read more