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Technology in Ministry: Guide to Media Ministry
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The Opportunities for Technology and Media in Ministry 

Defined: Technology Ministry (also known as media ministry) is an area of Christian service which seeks to use technology to glorify God. 

About Technology Ministry

by M. Mooney, Ministry Practitioner 

“And the lord said to the servant, Go out into the highways and hedges and compel them to come in, so that my house may be filled.”  (Luk 14:23 MKJV).

Is mobile technology important?

About Technology Ministry
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In 2012 the US population was approximately 310,866,000.  Out of this number, approximately 300,000,000 claimed to have regular mobile phone access (CTIA & Blumberg).  This is an unbelievable 96.5% of the population! 

Among these, another survey of 13 countries in Europe, Latin 
America and South Africa demonstrates that 69% used a mobile device to access the Internet in 2012 (61% being smartphones and another 22% tablets).  71% of these downloaded apps, and 62% accessed social networking sites -online communities (Accenture, 2012).

Further, men are slightly more likely to use mobile devices (73%) as opposed to women (66%), and 80% of teens – young adults use mobile Internet. Interestingly, some 45% of adults over the age of 50 report using mobile devices for Internet activities (Accenture, 2012).

What are people doing on their phones (instead of talking)?

70% check their email

62% engage in online communities through social media

61% are instant messaging 

57% are watching videos 

27% are blogging

(Mobile Web Watch Survey, 2012) 

Interesting facts on baby boomers (according to Google in North America study, 2010)

They are the largest group of the population online 

They spend more time using media than Gen X or Gen Y

They are 62% likely to look online for information that friends and family share with them

28% with children still at home also have their own smart phones 

They make up 28% of all videos viewed on YouTube 

About Technology Ministry

Interesting facts about Moms and media

They are 60% more interested in reading blogs while seeking information online.

50% prefer to do all of their shopping online.


As may be see by the above information, technology is an open door to evangelism in the 21st century.  Ministry will continue to be defined through this new medium, and ministries that ignore it will miss the attention of a large and ever growing population. Yet, simply being online is not enough.  Ministers must make their messages “compelling” (Luke 14:23).  It is time for believers to move forward and embrace the future, because Christ is already there waiting on us!

The Lord God says, “I am the Alpha and the Omega. I am the one who is, who always was, and who is coming. I am the All-Powerful.”  (Rev 1:8 ERV).

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About Technology Ministry




Google in North America study, 2010

Mobile Web Watch Survey, 2012. Base: All respondents using a mobile device to access the Internet (n=11,884; both personal or work related) 

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