1st Notice Required To Remain in Good Standing 05-04-2022

This Message is Being Sent to All Member Ministers.

Per the requirements of our membership policy, all member profiles must be complete in order to maintain membership with our ministerial association. 

This policy may be reviewed here.  https://faq.nacministers.org/knowledgebase/network-rules/

This is to protect the integrity of our membership and your status as “good standing” with the National Association of Christian Ministers.

NOTE:  If you recently updated your profile (over the last few days) you may simply delete this message.

Call to Action

Do not reply to this email asking if your profile is up-do-date.  Checking the status of your profile is easy!  

Simply use this link to login in: https://nacministers.org/wp-login.php?

If you can not remember your password, use this link to reset it:  https://nacministers.org/wp-login.php?action=lostpassword

Afterwards, be sure to keep an eye on your inbox and spam for the reset link which will be sent to you.

If your member profile is incomplete, you will be redirect it to update it immediately.

You will not have access to the other features of our fellowship until it is updated. 

There you will also be able to set the privacy of your information which is shared with “logged in” fellow members.

Note: All member profile are private from the public.  They are only accessible to our membership.

Be sure to click “save” after updating.

If your profile is complete, you will be redirected to the activities wall.  This means you have met all requirements.  Way to go!


This has been our policy since 2009.  Accounts which are not updated will be deleted in the near future.  This will result in removal from membership, and the revocation of any credentials we have issued.  No one can take fellowship seriously where there are anonymous users.  Thank for your attention to the required details of this message.