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"Answering God's Call to Advance the Gospel & Unite the Body of Christ." -NACM



WE ARE:  An inter/non-denominational fellowship of Christian ministers

PURPOSE:  Advance Christian Ministry through ministerial development

VISION:  Provide free developmental resources to those called into ministry

STRATEGY:  1)  Mentor, Ordain & License Christian Ministers

                     2)  Develop Transformational Leaders through Quality Training

                     3)  Confer Church Charters of Accountability

                     4)  Provide a Professional Fellowship for Networking Ministers


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We ask that you would refrain from posting defamatory or derogatory comments regarding a person or organization. We are an online ministers association and as such require exemplary conduct towards others. This  applies to all NACM groups, webpages, including the Chat Room and Pray for One Another webpage.

 Titus 3:1,2 - Christians are told to "speak evil of no one".
  1 Peter 2:1 - "Lay aside all evil speaking."

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    Michael John Beshara jr. posted a status
    "Give the Lord Praise!"
    8 hours ago
    Rick Brady - Coor. Elder GA added a discussion to the group Georgia

    Short Update

    Greetings, all!Just an update to let you know how I'm doingAs you know, last week a had a small or mini stroke. My doctors now are working to keep me from having another one. So yesterday I went in for a heart cath. They found an artery (my LAD) and found it almost 75% blocked. So they put stents in on both ends of the artery to increase blood flow. Now I have new meds to take and a few lifestyle changes to make, but I should be just fine.As to the Gathering I would like to see in July, let's…See More
    10 hours ago
    Minister Sharon D. Speech posted a status
    "The "YOU" that you know and the "YOU" that GOD knows are two different "YOUs", seek to know the real "YOU"."
    16 hours ago
    Corey D. Adney posted a status
    "Biblical orthodoxy without compassion is the ugliest thing in the world."
    21 hours ago
    Rev. Easker Buckley posted a status
    "Blessed Be The Name of The Lord!!"
    Rev. Timothy Burdick posted a status
    "I am now serving the Lord as an evangelist and pastor, I travel and preach the Word of God at churches, campgrounds, and other venues."
    Talithia Calloway posted photos
    Corey D. Adney posted a status
    "Working on a book. Not reading one, writing one. Something I have wanted to do for a long time. Half way through Chapter 2"
    George Calloway III posted photos
    Corey D. Adney posted a status
    "If you can't or don't feel the blessed assurance that is God's love for you, then you talk to Satan too much."
    Jake Sartwell, Elder posted a status

    Exec. Elder
    Rodger Niemeier, Exec Elder posted a discussion

    The MYTH of the LONE RANGER......Pastor

     Kemosahbee!  The fictional last of the Rangers - the LONE ranger.I grew up on this TV show: The Lone Ranger and his faithful Native "sidekick", Tonto, fought injustice and bad guys in the Old West (we're talkin' 50's, here)."Lone Ranger" has become a catch-word since, to imply being that isolated hero, who needs no one - pull…See More



    Started by joseph chege maina in Bible Studies. Last reply by Rodger Niemeier, Exec Elder 3 hours ago. 1 Reply

    IS IT TO MEAN THAT WE ALL HAVE A WEAKNESS? Sometimes we try to spiritualize the ability to communicate in the spirit. Spiritual communication was never meant to be unique or special to only certain individuals. Spiritual communication with God was…Continue

    The MYTH of the LONE RANGER......Pastor

    Started by Rodger Niemeier, Exec Elder in Ministry Talk. Last reply by Rodger Niemeier, Exec Elder 4 hours ago. 8 Replies

     Kemosahbee!  The fictional last of the Rangers - the LONE ranger.I grew up on…Continue

    Seven Days or Seven Eras? or Seven days seperated by periods of time?

    Started by Rev. Charles Easterday in Surveys/Opinion Poll. Last reply by Moreh David Waterman, Elder 20 hours ago. 18 Replies

    I just listened to a wonderful scientist, Hugh Ross, discuss Genesis creation accounts as seven days separated by an un-disclosed period of time.  Mathematician and Christian apologist John Lennox discussed the same as seven ages of undisclosed…Continue

    Tags: evolution, days, creation

    Conference Roster

    Started by Michael Mooney, Exec. Elder in Announcements. Last reply by Margaret Judy-Kauffman GC3, MP4 yesterday. 7 Replies

    Greetings in the matchless name of Christ!We had the most excellent time of fellowship at the May 23rd Conference. The presence of the Lord was mighty, and we saw His work among us. The Elders spoke with the wisdom of God, and the atmosphere was…Continue


    Started by Rev..Larry Daniel Browning Jr. in Bible Studies. Last reply by Westley Strange yesterday. 57 Replies

    Do you believe that smoking is a sin and if it is, wouldn't eating food that is bad for you ie:Burgers be a sin also.Let me be clear I am just starting a discussion on this subject.I am not justifying or rebuking.I think this would be a good…Continue

    Military Chaplain Endorsement

    Started by Troy Wayne Riggs in Ministry Talk. Last reply by Troy Wayne Riggs yesterday. 2 Replies

    Dear Brothers and sisters in Christ,I am gladly working towards my associates degree in divinity through CLI. I am also currently talking to a military recruiter to become a chaplain. My predicament is to do so I must go through my local church to…Continue

    Asst. Pastor now. Looking for home

    Started by James Damian Wright in Churches Needing Pastors. Last reply by Westley Strange yesterday. 1 Reply

     I'm contacting you about the offer for a brother in Christ to come in help out.. I'm 22 years old. I have 2 children. I've been preaching going on 8 years in Aug. I'm currently an Asst. Pastor here in Moss Point MS. The name of the church is Holy…Continue


    Started by Rodger Niemeier, Exec Elder in Ministry Talk. Last reply by Rodger Niemeier, Exec Elder on Wednesday. 32 Replies

    Sometimes we can best define what something is by what it is not!In the Church, as well as in a particular local church, the health of the body of believers is determined by the health of its leaders (it is what leaders are for!).  How the leader…Continue

    Why Men Hate Going To Church

    Started by Jim Wiley in Ministry Talk. Last reply by Reginald Earl Hamlin on Tuesday. 37 Replies

    I recently heard two broadcasts from Dr. James Dobson's radio broadcast, "Family Talk" that I would urge you all to take time to listen to. Here is the link:…Continue

    The Enemy Seeks to Destroy: Protecting Your Church or Ministry from Successful Lawsuits in 2015

    Started by Rodger Niemeier, Exec Elder in Ministry Talk. Last reply by Rodger Niemeier, Exec Elder on Tuesday. 14 Replies

    The Church of our Lord Jesus Christ is not of this world, but it certainly is in this world: sent into this world on a mission.  But just as Jesus entered a world dominated by the ungodly government of Rome to carry out His mission within those…Continue


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