What are we teaching or not teaching?

I recently overheard a conversation from a mother trying to express her disapproval of a TV show advertisement about questionable moral character only to hear the child say it’s no big deal.  It’s just TV.  It happens all the time.  That’s how it should be anyway.  If you get bored or want something else just do it.  It’s just TV no one really cares.  That is the problem it’s not just TV any more. It is almost impossible to find a wholesome show with little or no violence or sex.  TV takes up a vast amount of our children’s time.  Electronic media has in an attempt stolen our children’s minds and desensitized it to all that is evil and perverse in the world.  Life seems to be lived in 4-6 minutes clips.  Nothing seems to be a big deal anymore to society, to the church, to the world.  We are even seeing the church the place where right is supposed to be the standard for living openly accepting wrong.  Explicit sex, drug use, homosexuality, and profanity are all just part of the daily grid.

It is shameful and then we wonder why our people act as they do.  Parents are silent, the church is silent but the world is speaking loudly.  So loudly that it almost silences the true voice of reason.  We have FAKE reality show that make our children and even the vast amount of adults become addicted to the nothingness that it represents.  They tune into show after show of wild unchecked behavior all in the name of entertainment.  We then wonder why they act the way they do and do things that even shock their own parents.  Rape, murder and violence with no slight since of concern for their fellow man or woman.  Children murdering each other just because.  No reason just because.  Premeditated and all and then we say they didn’t mean it.  It just got out of hand.  Gone are the days of playful ignorance. Children and adults see hundreds of ways to do everything but live right.  The sad thing is that God put it inside of us all to know right from wrong we just act like we don’t care or don’t see it because that is what the world is teaching us to do.  When it finally kicks in then all of a sudden the light kicks in and depression, suicide, divorce and other things happen.


There is no reset on life.  People do not just get back up and continue playing.  Trust is hard to regain let alone keep.  Hearts are broken and then all of a sudden it’s not OK when it happens to you.  Then we want to sit around complaining about how wrong it is.  Wake up it was wrong in the first place.  We need to return to a right relationship with God.  Repent.

Edgar Hariston (1)

Husband, father, servant & I am an Minister of the Gospel. I've held several church leadership offices. I enjoy connecting with and teaching the WORD. I taught Sunday school and AWANA, presided as president of a few Male choruses, formed and hosted weekly couples Ministry and Bible Studies. I seek to stand in the gap as a teaching, training, developing pastor as well as engage in a pastoral counseling for couples and marriage ministries. However, I feel when accepting the call one must heed to the will of God as to what and where He would have you to be planted and serve. For we are servants of the Most High called to be witnesses for Him wherever HE might need us. You can also check on twittter @pastoredgarwh

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