What are the 3 F’s you are supposed to do with the (will of God)?

What are the 3 (F’s) you must do with the (will of God) in order to fulfill the purpose Jesus was sacrificed for to save you? Do you know? You must FIND the (will of God) by knowing Jesus and being saved. You must FOLLOW the (will of God) once you are saved. You must FINISH the (will of God) and bring his children to Jesus to come home with you.

It is a blessing to understand that if you (FIND, FOLLOW, and FINISH) the will of God can only please him by confirming he made the right decision about what he gave for you to be with him. We all live very busy sometimes complicated lives serving in the world we live in. If you just stay focused on these 3 F’s (FIND, FOLLOW and FINISH) the will of God your direction will always have purpose and lead you home with him

Always remember that if you ever wonder if what you are doing is serving the purpose you were created for. Just ask yourself if what you are doing is allowing you to FIND God, FOLLOW his word, and FINISH the ultimate will he has for you to bring his children to Jesus just as you were.

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