I don’t know about you, but all this isolation from COVID, winter storms, and the emergence of emboldened “activists” seeking to silence Christianity and Christians and displace biblical morality, has had its challenging effects!  On top of that, I’ve been hearing from our members in other countries, like Nigeria, Kenya, India, Pakistan and others, where overt persecution continues to increase, deliberately aimed at those who know and witness to Jesus as Savior and Lord.  As well, many members have been facing health and family concerns as well.

I JUST WANT TO ENCOURAGE US IN CHRIST TO CONSIDER OUR NEED FOR EDIFYING FELLOWSHIP at this time, and as inoculations for Covid increase and the pandemic in many places seems to be waning: perhaps this coming SPRING and better, SUMMER, are times we need to plan GATHERINGS in our States or Regions!  In anticipation I can “see” the Lord blessing such Gatherings to get us recharged and renewed corporately and individually: time together to share what the Lord is laying on our hearts, how He is encouraging us, envisioning His work in these times, and to pray together – which always is the Lord’s means of reviving His Church, His People, to use them mightily!  It’s time for His CHURCH to have their “wok” moment, too, but ours to the outpouring of His Spirit in order to become a vital impacting influence in this world again!  It certainly may not look like how  we “did church” before, but that may be a good thing!  WE NEED TO CATCH A FRESH VISION OF GOD’S OWN INTENTIONS FOR JOINING HIM IN HIS WAY of WORKING IN THIS DAY & TIME!   We have to face it: we cannot keep doing Church OUR way: it’s time for a true revival that starts with the House of God!

And when the saints (that’s us) gather to pray, humbling themselves before Him, imploring for renewal, cleansing, and revitalizing ourselves in His Spirit and Will, that’s when our Lord often moves in response and shows us how to join Him in the work He wants to do!

[Interesting: while I’m typing this to publish, a knock at our front door: a Christian couple leaving a small pamphlet at our door, shared with me that they are just going door to door in our apartment complex to see if there are those interested in attending a small Bible study to explore the claims of the Bible.  Wow!  There it is!  That so blessed me to see this kind of boldness and reaching out to the Lost!].

Rising up and Reaching Out!  Not: “Build it and they will come”.  WHAT IS THE LORD WANTING US TO DO THESE DAYS !?  The more we gather unto Him and pray together, the more He will show us – I believe.

Besides, our NACM State Gatherings have been so blessed by the Lord: those who have come together always report how encouraged and re-energized they are in their faith.

SO…WHAT DO YOU SAY!?   Contact your STATE ELDER (you’ll find him or her via your State webpage on this NACM website) and see if you can help get a Gathering going this Spring or Summer!


Click this link to see a listing of links for the State webpages on the NACM website: https://nacministers.net/usa-project-local-groups/

IF YOUR STATE DOESN’T PRESENTLY HAVE AN ELDER, feel free to contact me to see if we can’t plan a Gathering and borrow an Elder from a nearby State to do it!  : )

– NACM Executive Elder, Rev Rodger Niemeier  –  Rodger.Niemeier@nacministers.org


22 thoughts on “TIME FOR STRENGTHENING !? Initiating STATE GATHERINGS for 2021”

  1. I would love to attend a gathering in Mn, enjoyed the one we had a couple of years ago.  I have a hard time reaching twin cities as I live in Southern Mn.  if I can come it would be great.  God bless all of Gods children as we move forward for Him.

    • Hi Janice – you do have an Elder in MN – Elder Greg Moller – and hopefully there will be a move towards holding a MN State Gathering yet this year.  Please do post on your MN State webpage on the NACM website and let your Elder and other MN members know of your interest in a Gathering yet this year!  That's the best place to "get the ball rollin' " towards developing interest for a Gathering!  : )

    • Hi Serena – and thank you for posting about your interest for an Indiana State Gathering.  As yet we do not have an Indiana State Elder – however, you can attend ANY State Gathering – you don't have to be a resident of that State to attend it.  I know there's one in the works for OHIO – and feel free to go to the OHIO State webpage and post a comment/question: Chaplain Paul Hawkins is the Ohio State Elder, and I know he would be of help to you.  

  2. It is time to gather and strengthen each other. I live in Louisiana and am looking for others in the group that would be willing to get together on a regular basis to discuss and collaborate efforts to spread The Gospel. I have posted in the Louisiana group and look forward to joining you in fellowship.

    • Hello Beryl!  Thanks for your interest in a Louisiana State NACM Gathering!  That would be terrific – and we've been praying for that to happen (in all states!).  We do not as yet have a State Elder for Louisiana (though NACM members are welcome to attend ANY State Gathering, like in a nearby State that has an Elder and a State Gathering – like Alabama, or Texas) – and it is our State Elders who officiate NACM Gatherings – for ordination confirmation ceremonies (laying on of hands blessing for NACM member ministers already ordained thru the online process).  So until a State has an Elder, members are welcome to attend nearby State Gatherings for ordination confirmation and fellowship.  I know that isn't always convenient and involves driving time, but this is why we pray continually for the Lord to raise up Elders in each State.  : )  (And yes, our member ministers can explore the Lord's leading to work together and network their ministries!)

  3. P.S. 

    Prayers initiated at Harvest Church homeless ministry gathering in a night time ahead of time 2021 initiations planner guide. 

  4. Hi Lord Roger,


    I had a bad case of brain cancer and been persecuted myself hard to breathe right sometimes so been taking cardio pills over it. Just feel like and seem like the female version of Job. But alas, for the glory of being a saint and still proud I'm a Princess for His Kingdom. 

    With Love,

    Lady Russell Her Highness-Ma'am Princess Royal/Deaconess Ann

    • It sounds like you have indeed been through a lot, Jessica.  In Christ, though, no suffering is a loss, for our heavenly Father brings good out of everything we have to go through – AND goes through our trials without us ("I will never leave you nor forsake you" – and He keeps His word, it is His nature He cannot deny).  One Christian Bible teacher puts it this way:  "Often God's calling to our purpose in life comes out of that which we have suffered the most".  That seems to be so. 

      Thanks for posting your response; and while I appreciate your "lord" title, there is only one true Lord, and He is our Lord and Lord of all.  : )   I am completely satisfied and humbled to just be another "son" of God and "brother" of Jesus.  : )

      • Hello Rodger,


        Yes Our King of Heaven is surely The Lord OF the Hosts and he makes a wonderful Prince of Princes, he deserves it the Prince of Peace indeed. Thanks for letting me of any assistance over New Sweden, I appreciate your time and effort to reach out to me personally. 


        Kind Regards,



    • Hi Kevin – it's now the 1st of July, and I encourage you to check out (if you haven't lately) your TENNESSEE STATE WEBPAGE here on the NACM website, as you have 2 State Gatherings coming up this summer!  Nashville and Eastern TN!  Get in touch on the TN webpage with the Elders if you're interested in attending!

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