This for someone

I don’t care what anyone says, you and God make a majority. This word isn’t for everyone, but it’s for someone. Don’t be afraid, if you know He is with you, then it is guaranteed you’ll be alright. Trust Him! If He shows up when you pray and worship, and He fellowships with you, then your doing good.
He takes each of us down different paths, He isn’t calling you to do what everyone else is doing. Keep walking on the path that He is leading you on. It’s a narrow path.
No one can obey Him for you, noone can hear His voice for you. God isn’t going to tell someone else to tell you what to do. Deep down you know by the holy ghost that He is speaking to you, trust Him everything will be fine.
Be hungry for the Father’s presence and spend time with Him and be sure to listen when your with Him. Get ready! He is going to speak many wonderful things to you by the Holy Ghost!

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