Tennessee Excitement!

Well, we were successful months back without very first gathering! This weekend we will have a smaller group get together so I can officiate and finalize their ordinations according to Tennessee Law. If you are going to be near the Nashville area and are still in need of NACM officiating and completing your ordination so that you can perform weddings within the state of Tennessee, please contact me at 629.255.7480

Also, we are in the planning stages for a fall Gathering on the East side of Tennessee!! Please let me know if you are interested in fellowship with us and have laying on of hands done to officiate your ordination!**To legalize your ordination for weddings.

Anita Moore, Elder Tn (1)

I have been with NACM since September of 2009. I also have taught in children's church over the years. In 2009, I was youth pastor for about 3 years. I also coordinated coffee houses in communities bringing churches together. I am the founder of Lion and the King Ministry (since 2011) and have been preaching in tents and churches for the last several years. I have been Coordinating Elder in Michigan and Indiana and put together the first gatherings in those states before moving to Tennesee. I (of course) currently serve as elder to Tennessee and have been in TN nearly one year. I also help the first gathering for Tennessee in April 2019. : ) I am also a 4.0 Valor student currently in my second year with graduation In Christian Leadership coming up. (AAS) I will go on for 2 more years to obtain a BS in Theology and hope to get a doctorate from there.

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