Physical First Reality

Introduction To Reality of The Physical First

Reporting for the Theological Mentor Program of the National Association of Christian Ministers

Michael Mooney, ministry practitioner

Physical First Reality


So far we have discovered the Psychical First Principle. Because it is one of our “principles,” we will be considering it through the rest of the program and hopefully the rest of our lives.   


In this week’s focus, we have two learning outcomes:

To be able to identify the Physical First Principle at work in the Bible, and
To know how to apply the principle to daily living



Reality is defined as a truthful existence.  For this reason, people who are hallucinating or experiencing delusions are not “living in reality.”  An easy way to remember this is to note the word "real" is in the word reality,  Therefore, reality is the real world. Notice that the entire foundation of reality is built on the concept of “truth.”  If there is no truth, there is no reality.


Verse to ponder: Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one goes to the Father except through me. (Joh 14:6 GW).
He [Truth] created all things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible. Whether they are kings or lords, rulers or powers- everything has been created through him [Truth] and for him [Truth]. He [Truth] existed before everything and holds everything together. (Col 1:16-17 GW).

Also note that Jesus is the “physical” manifestation of God.


There are at least two assumed realms of reality: Physical Reality and Spiritual Reality




Physical reality also exists in at least two forms: the world (or matter, trees, clay, water, skin, etc.) and the circumstances of that matter.  To the best of our understanding, physical reality began here:

In the beginning God created heaven and earth. (Gen 1:1 GW).
Also, to the best of our understanding, this too is where time was formed –“in the beginning…”  Therefore, we conclude that time is very attached to physical reality.

Here is an easy example:


Pretend you are standing in a room by yourself.  Everything that you can see around you is the physical world or matter.  On a table in front of you there is a handgun.  It also is matter.  Provided that you are not experiencing a hallucination, we have just identified physical reality.

A few moments pass (this is the element of time).

Suddenly, another person enters the room and forcefully grabs the handgun from the table.  With a desperate look in their eyes, they begin pointing the gun at you as their hands tremble to hold the weapon.  We have just identified the time sensitive circumstances of reality.


Therefore, in order for physical reality to exist, there must be at least two elements present: matter and a set of time sensitive circumstances surrounding that matter.



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