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Gamification: What is it?

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      Seymour Helps
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      Greetings Brothers and Sisters.  We have a new feature added to our fellowship.  It is called: Gamification.

      Click here to see the details:

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      Pastor Robert Booker
      Points: 16

      I love the point system. Believe it our not, I try to get the points but so far this month I have not reached my goal of 40 points per month. I have done what I preach to others not to do. I have not used my minutes to the best to honor the Lord, nor to make myself better.

      I will do better.

    • #349958
      Kendric Berry
      Points: 0

      Is the application of typical elements of game playing.

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      Pastor Robert Booker
      Points: 16

      Yep, Gamification, is fine with me. It reminds me that I have to play (log on) if I want to grow on the leader’s board. If fact, it makes me log on so I can see what others are doing, what they have to say about the daily activities in or world.

      I am interested in getting out the word, as I guess everyone else is too, and where I stand on the Leaderboard with them It’s a fun game that has teaching and learning in the mix. Wonderful.

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