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Sorry for my absence

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      Mary Glaser
      • *State: Missouri
      • *City: Saint Louis

      I have been going through a lot of testing lately and then I receive home health care alone with trying to keep up with school and fellowship with my brothers and sisters here at NACMinistries. I pray that my Lord would fine mercy on me and completely heal me.
      I love you all and hope to be here more often!

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      Daniel Miller
      • *State: Mo
      • *City: Piedmont

      Hello Mary. I am sorry to hear of your struggles. and pray God will give you the healing you need. Its an odd thing this new website, only a couple weeks ago I started seeing posts, again yesterday I received notification of your post and replied only to get a notice that site was under maintenance. 🙂 growing pains.. I too am living with health issues and am home bound although after 5 years of experimental treatments, I am somewhat mobile now and breathing on my own-all glory going to God who has healed and guided every step., its a confusing thing and has had its twists and turns. I noticed you also on the disability forums. I never saw the welcome messages and how to respond up until a week or two ago, I suspect others are in the same situation. Anyways, nice to meet you, and thank you for the kind welcome, and I pray you get well soon. Dan

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