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The time is short

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      Pastor Robert Booker
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      What do we do with time? We never know when our time is up. Right now is the time for men to get moving with the word of God to the people. It doesn’t really matter how this is done. Example: I became a partner with a pastor in Nairobi, Kenya to talk about what is going on here in El Paso, Texas and  him doing the same from there. I asked about sending short videos about our studies on the word. Maybe even sharing the videos with the churches. We need to spread the word. Men, become active, step out of the comfort zones and open your teachings to the world. Post prayers, post subjects on the word online. Carry Men’s Ministries outside of the church. If you belong to any social network you have a great audience online to teach to. Step up brothers and get the word of our Lord out.

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