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I am now back and stronger than ever with Jesus Christ living inside me

National Association of Christian Ministers ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Forums MENS MINISTRIES I am now back and stronger than ever with Jesus Christ living inside me

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      Jeremy Barker
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      I think it was 2011 or so back when I got a call from Mr. Mooney. We discussed many things but had something in common, we both loved Jesus and were attending the same university. Since then I did start to try life with my own strength which led down a road of many happenings. Long story more simplified, I faced 3 major surgeries in 2019 and did them all back to back.  I ended up with multiple spinal issues, a neurological issue, and mesh installed with 3 different hernias and my left inquinal nerve removed (2 inches and a chunk of mesh)  I literally was numb from head to toe and I threw down my life for God. I said, ” Lord, if you want me I will be in the mountains.  I flew to the mountains and I just meditated, walked as best as possible, and God provided healing for me. It an amazing testimony and I am going to share it with everyone. I love Jesus! Blessed to hand out blessings. This is my purpose. To be a light and a vessel for God to work through. I am excited to get my website up soon and start strongly and boldly sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

      Jeremy Barker

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      Christopher Morman
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      Bro. Barker,


      I am blessed by your testimony. Sometimes we go through hard situations. I have been there myself. Dvt’s, Heart issues, eight stokes in the last four years. I had Christian friends & ministry friends that turned their backs because they thought I was being disciplined by God for something. I was able to forgive them, though it did break my spirit a bit. God is good & He gives us the strength to endure every test, trial & storm. Feel free to read my testimony. It will hopefully bless you as yours has blessed me. God is still a healing God-Amen

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