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End Times and Survival…

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      David Miller
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      I’ve been thinking lately about the End Times and survival.

      We’re all aware of what Revelation 13 says about the Mark of the Beast. We see that it says that nobody will be able to buy or sell without it. We also know that people will ask who is like the Beast, and who can make war against him. I know some people in the fellowship are premillennialist and some are postmillennialist, and I’m not trying to start an argument over that doctrine. All I’m saying is that, for those of us here during the Tribulation, I believe that Christ has given us some good advice.

      First, I want to start by covering something that I think many of us misunderstand, and I know I misunderstood it for a long time, myself. I think a lot of us have this idea that everyone who takes the Mark will be on the side of the Beast, even enthusiastic about it. I think Revelation 13:4 gives us a clue that we shouldn’t overlook. It says that people will ask who is like the Beast, and can make war against it. Now, to me, this doesn’t sound like very enthusiastic, on-board type of talk. It seems to me that this is the talk of people who have resigned themselves to going along to get along. It reminds me of the way things were in Nazi Germany. Some people, like the Confessing Church, opposed the Nazi party; some went along with it, “just following orders”; some went along with it for the most part, but were willing to do whatever they could to protect Jews in danger, including lying to the officials about them hiding out in their houses. There’s a reason for my bringing this up, I promise…

      The next point I want to bring up is Matthew 24. In it, we read that Christ had some advice for the Believers in the time soon to come, and it’s advice that can help us today. He told them that, when they were facing great tribulation, they should not go back to their homes for anything, and they should pray that their flight to the mountains not be during the Winter or the Sabbath. He’s giving us a warning to escape to the mountains when these tribulations come: something I think is very prudent. It also brings to mind Luke 22. At first, when Christ sent out His disciples to spread the Gospel, they were told to bring nothing with them for their needs, but to rely on those who were willing to listen. However, now that His time was coming to die for us and eventually leave this world, He advised them to take for themselves extra shoes, a cloak, a walking stick, a purse and scrip for their money, and even to sell their cloak and buy a sword. This next connection won’t make sense at first, but I hope to tie it all together…

      Luke 16:9 seems to stand out as an instruction that doesn’t make sense to us: we’re told by Christ to make friends from among the Mammon of unrighteousness, that when we have need of anything, we can be accepted by them into everlasting habitations. This seems to fly in the face of everything else He, and the rest of the Bible, has told us, but I believe it fits perfectly with His advice to us on the tribulations to come. If we think back to Revelation 13, we will remember that people worshiping the Dragon and the Beast would ask, “Who is like unto the Beast? Who is able to make war against him?” Remember how we talked about how it seemed like they had resigned themselves to this new world order? I believe this is hope for our survival of the Tribulation. Our primary goal should be to escape to a secluded place that can meet our needs, like the mountains. We should not go after our things when the Tribulation happens, and we should pray that we don’t have to go on the run during the Winter or a Sabbath, when nobody can take us in. We then remember that Christ warned us – yes, His disciples, but I believe this is good advice for us, too, – to keep close to us everything we would need to go on a journey. It’s better to be prepared than not; or, as an old saying goes, it’s better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it. Finally, I believe Christ is telling us to take advantage of the fact that some of those who go along with the new world order will not actually be on their side. They’ll just be going along to get along. If we can make friends with them, when we have needs, they can take us in and help us with meeting our needs.

      This is just something that’s been on my mind for a while. I would love to get some feedback on it…

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      Michael Mooney, Exec. Elder
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      Personally, I am a pre-tribulationist.  For this reason, I do not consider it much.  However, it is certain that things will become terrible before tribulation.  I think about that daily.  I run my family through drills, and discuss survival strategies during dinner, etc.

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      David Miller
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      Thanks for the reply, Elder Mooney. I’ve also been concerned with survival in general, and have found some good resources. Online, I’ve found Black Scout Survival and the Gray Bearded Green Beret on YouTube. In books, of course, the Army Survival Manual is one I recommend, but I also recommend 100 Deadly Skills: Survival Edition (I also have the first book, but that’s not as valuable strictly for survival, and some of the advice is not something we would want to accept). My father is a Vietnam veteran, and has a lot of knowledge about survival skills, too.

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      Charles Easterday
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      It has been a long time since I have considered these things. Thanks for the post.

      There  will be a lot of “birth pangs” in the chain of events leading up to Christs return.  Bowls poured out and trumpets sounding before the resurrection.

      The recent pandemic event has given rise to many survival questions. Being caring and giving to our neighbors has already given witness to your comment about “making friends among the mammon of the unrighteous.”  Neighbors helping neighbors in this time of need without questioning political or religious affiliations.  I believe many of these people would do so even if they were told such action was illegal.

      Be wise as serpents, innocent as doves.

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      Jim Kvale
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      Again I say to you feed my sheep; for we are the shepherds and to lie down our lives for our flocks!

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