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Celebrating 10 Years of Service!

Dashboard Forums NACM Announcements & Updates! Celebrating 10 Years of Service!

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      Michael Mooney, NACM Exec. Elder
      • *State: SC
      • *City: Greenville

      Praising the Lord! On March 26 2009, NACM was born and recognized by the state of SC as a legal entity. Today we celebrate 10 years!

      • In the expression of God’s creativity, Genesis chapter 1 states that “God said…” 10 times.

      This is a very exciting time for new members! This is because they join with us during a time of “new beginnings” on a new platform (much like our early founders who continue with us today). We encourage them to join our leaders in becoming agents of change in a time of preparation for a new decade! We welcome you to our family and look forward to growing together in all the Lord has in store for the future.

      Michael Mooney, Exec. Elder

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      Mary Glaser
      • *State: Missouri
      • *City: Saint Louis


      • #473738
        Robert Booker
        • *State: Texas
        • *City: El Paso

        Ten years of service to our Lord and Savior. Wonderful. I am honored to be a part of it. Even though this has been a hard year for my wife and myself, the NACM has help us with prayers and kind words. Thank you Elder Mooney

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      Ricardo Vaca Gianella
      • *State: Maryland
      • *City: Bladensburg

      Glory to God, Amen !

    • #195635
      Damon-Anthony Reed
      • *State: Pennsylvania
      • *City: Effort

      Congratulations Elder Mooney! Thank you for having the wisdom to heed the call of God by way of NACM on your life. May your perseverance, and obedience in the faith be richly rewarded even more so by the increased fruit bearing of the next 10 years through new members like myself to the glory of God!

      Be blessed!

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      Richard L Collins, Pa State Coordinating Elder
      • *State: PA
      • *City: Muncy

      Your answering the call to service and your commitment equipping servants have impacted many lives. I can only speak for myself. Your guidance, mentoring, and friendship has made all of the difference in my spiritual life and my walk with the LORD. I am excited to see what the next 10 years will bring and seeing our friendship grow.

      Thank you seem a bit slim but I’ll say it anyway. Thank you Brother Michael for everything

    • #472501
      Craig Dallendorfer
      • *State: NJ
      • *City: Piscataway

      I just saw this, – in my periodic, long gaps, – review of the online platform. I feel moved to comment, if even some time after it’s original post. That’s how it may go “online” and “here”, so…

      Yes, I remember when first started.

      As one, – not that this matters, but as a “frame of reference” only, – as one who’s attended “Commission on Higher Education and accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE)” schools, “seminary, school of theology, theological seminary, or divinity school is an educational institution for educating students in scripture…”, label them as one may, NACM has been, and maintained itself as a Godly blessing.

      The “first members”  of NACM are still around, if not passed on and then, here with us with the Lord.

      For me, as one that has been criticised for “not declaring” a denomination – how I then arrived here at that time, for when I need a “secular” document “credential”, I have no hesitation in referring to NACM.

      Yes, it has changed in the online look and feel and membership and general processes of “it” online. However, I am sure, if I ask a question or were to engage online, – I’d get the same tone and character of engagement from that period of time. Being an “online” anchored entity, in that prior comment I feel it demonstrates how I feel, and what I felt to then, now say, share.

      Credentials don’t really come up. I remember on encounter where, in that context, a person simply just started their conversation, not knowing whom I was (?), so to speak, – but, did, it would seem, for what that may mean. Otherwise, nonetheless, every State, and, or otherwise “Corporation” is different; and so, there you go, and here I am. I am grateful for NACM existing as it is.

      All who are with the Lord Jesus Christ, minister to each other, well, and via His Holy Spirit as vessels of Him, for each other.

      – I am glad I stopped by today, and hope this finds all, “new and old”, well.

    • #472686
      Gordon Winans
      • *State: FL
      • *City: Brooksville

      What a blessing NACM has been to me and so many of us, thank you!

    • #472798
      Steve Davis
      • *State: Kentucky
      • *City: Ferguson


    • #472985
      Judylynn Burleson
      • *State: Texas
      • *City: New Boston


      Executive Elder Mooney

      NACM is a blessing, though I am not here a lot,

      trying to change, where I can be here more and take

      more classes. Member since 2017.

      Thank you for the vision the Lord gave you.

      It has been a God given gift to me & many here.

      God bless you

      and everyone who belongs to NACM




    • #473631
      • *State: Texas
      • *City: Houston

      CONGRATULATIONS!!! So Thankful to our Heavenly Father for this ministry..May you be blessed with inumerable years of longevity.

      Jacqueline, MOG

    • #473699
      Angelo Gallego
      • *State: Delaware
      • *City: Middletown

      Brother Michael, congratulation on your stewardship and faithfulness to our Lord Jesus the Christ.

      Without you brother I would not be here with you along with all my brothers and sisters in Christ in NACM.

    • #491403
      Mary Glaser
      • *State: Missouri
      • *City: Saint Louis

      Thank you so much for me being a part of NACM. May the Lord Bless you you Michael Mooney.

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