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Jake Sartwell, Elder VT
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You bet I remember you Craig,it has been awhile!  I do agree that the new platform requires a little more polish but it is getting much better of late.  Anything worthwhile rarely comes easy.  I forget exactly the year I was credited with but certainly not when I became a part of NACM!  Great to hear from you, getting old and the brain needs some exercise and you have the ability to make me think!  I’m not much of a musician but I like music, I think i grasp what you are saying.  Making the beautiful old hymns come to life is still a little difficult, especially for those who have been steeped in them.

As long as the message is there and people listen, hey!!  I listen to what I believe you have correctly described as neutral songs as my music of choice.  Only thing I really require is that it is done from the heart, than I’m in!  I could ramble on forever but will stop for now.  Great to hear from you Brother Craig!