What has to happen to make giving valuable?

What has to happen to make giving valuable? Giving only has worth if it costs you something. That is why when things come easy to people or are given to them some don’t care about them or place value on them. Because how they got it or who gave it to them placed no value on it. When you give to anyone your cost and their value are you putting them in front of yourself. Just as Jesus paid the cost on the cross when he gave his life to save you which is priceless.

What has to happen to make giving valuable? (love, care, consideration, understanding, empathy, honesty, patience, affection, compassion, attention, prayer, selflessness, respect, trust, sympathy forgiveness, and sacrifice)


Philippians 2:3

Do nothing from rivalry or conceit but in humility count others more significant than yourselves.


My journey with Christ has been as long as I can remember from being a small child. I first was called into his service as a young man but was so engrossed with the success I was experiencing in the world I did not answer. Although years of success occurred so did years of correction. Finally, God had enough of my non-response for his purpose for my life and I lost everything to get my attention on his desires. As time went by the purpose of his intention became clear and amazing things started happening. The ministry God has blessed me with is to be of service to others no matter whether an individual or an organization serving God in expanding his kingdom. Please contact us if we may be of assistance to you or your ministry.

Fast forward to today it is truly amazing what God is using me for. The creation of www.kingsofchrist.com became a reality and has seen partner ministries grow their congregation food ministry from 15,000 pounds a week to 3 times that amount and keeps growing with a national sponsor plus much more. I have authored 3 books in 2021 and one of the books God created was an incredible blessing that will be released worldwide on TBN Trinity Broadcasting Network on April 15, 2022, with Seeds: Growing with God. The commercial can be viewed by clicking on the link here @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dd1ltUGm0-Q

God keeps opening doors that I can't wait to run through to see what incredible things he will create serving him and bringing others home. I look forward to joining together to grow his kingdom.

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