New Zealand.

Some very concerning trends in NZ in the last months. The down hill trend started with the terrorist attack in Christchurch. A white supremacist killed 50 muslims in a mosque. There was an outpouring of love to their community but also they aired the muslim call to prayer across all government radio chanels. Since then we have a bills going through parliment to legalise abortion(even late term)  marajuana and euthanasia bill. Free speech is being challenged because of political correctness after Christchurch. The body of Christ is facing signifigant levels of opposition on all levels. Please pray for New Zealand.

Teresa Marsh (27)

My passion is prophetic and worship. We have a large family of 9 children. Always horses and dogs around. Im part of a small church in a small town.

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  1. Very much what’s happening here, too, Elder Teresa. Censoring the Christian message and Christians is of course satan’s dream! People have developed a mindset that open discussion is NOT good, because the conservative view and beliefs are harmful! So even though “freedom of speech” was the fulcrum the liberal left (social humanists) to gain voice, now that they think they gained it, they want to deny that same freedom to those who disagree with their “values” (or lack thereof). “Political correctness ” is just a camouflaged justification of bias.

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