NEW NACM COURSE! Essential Elements of Effective Ministry Leadership 101

We are pleased to announcement an excellent new training for NACM member ministers – whatever your ministry calling!

NACM member, pastor, adjunct professor, certified coach, teacher, trainer, speaker with the John Maxwell Team, Rev Ruth Easterling specializes in Christian leadership development: helping Christian Ministers actualize their life & ministry visions and become effective leaders!  Having a heart especially for Christian ministers, Ruth developed a series of 3 mini-courses that make up this ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS for EFFECTIVE MINISTRY LEADERSHIP  training program especially for the NACM!

Each of the three mini-courses (101, 102 & 103) that make up the whole training, include:

  • Guided readings from John Maxwell’s Developing the Leader Within You 2.0
  • instructional videos by Ruth with interactive discussion questions (with the instructor and course participants)
  • Reflection Exercises for practical application of learned principles
  • the DISC personality profile and guided personal analysis
  • 3 personal virtual coaching session with Ruth

When you complete the three mini-courses, the whole training, you will be rewarded a Certificate of Completion and a corresponding internet logo-insignia signifying your accomplishment which can be embedded on your personal or ministry website, email, and business card.  Not only will this training help you “develop the leader within you”, but you will learn coaching principles and skills you can use in your own ministering.

This training would normally cost around $1,000, but because Ruth has a heart for serving Christian ministers, NACM members are offered the total program for $330 (PLUS: a further NACM member discount code reduces the tuition to $300 – just $99 per each of the 3 mini-courses).  Personal coaching sessions alone are often $100 per session; and the included DISC profile costs $250 (but is included in the tuition cost of this training).  So it is really a wonderful service Ruth is providing for interested members.

THE OUTCOME: a clearer understanding of yourself as a Christian Minister and Leader, of your aptitudes, strengths and weaknesses to work on; the specific practices that will develop your leadership abilities and style; and a clearer vision of your calling and ministry direction in the Lord’s plan for you.


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QUESTIONS?  Feel free to contact Rev Ruth Easterling at:

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8 thoughts on “NEW NACM COURSE! Essential Elements of Effective Ministry Leadership 101”

  1. I would just add to this discussion we're having, since it originated from this post about this new course for NACM members: this course our Sister and Minister Ruth Easterling is offering actually provides a service to Christian Ministers that has the sole purpose to mentor, guide and instruct so that you can be as clearly led by the Spirit and be filled with the Spirit as possible!  Ruth, getting to know her, is a devout Christian and the Lord has led her, gifted her, to provide this ministry to ministers, to encourage them, build them up, strengthen them, so the CAN with the Spirit's help truly fulfill their calling as effectively as possible. I know that is Ruth's heart desire.  And just from my own interactions with her, I can see where she is indeed a wise Encourager and is really providing a vital ministry for excelling in one's calling.  She and this "course" (which is really providing a mentoring relationship in the context of realizing one's full personal potential in Christ) is truly a gift and blessing for anyone who engages it.  I'm looking forward to experiencing this for myself as well!

    I rehearse this little biblically sound saying that has been echoing around in my head for a couple years now:  GOD LOVES YOU SO MUCH, HE ACCEPTS YOU JUST AS YOU ARE;  BUT HE LOVES YOU SO MUCH, HE WON'T LEAVE YOU AS YOU ARE!  And I believe that applies to us not only as Christians, but as called Christian Ministers, too!

  2. I appreciate you comment, Brother Bao.  And truly, with all respect to you, I as well have been born again by His grace by His Holy Spirit, and filled with His Spirit at various times as He's led and provided to accomplish His will and work.  Indeed, it is His Holy Spirit Who leads us into all truth, even as in those early days of the Church with the Apostles, who, filled with the Spirit and led by the Spirit, taught and raised up new believers and trained them to be leaders, according to how our Lord gifted them, even as Jesus had first discipled and trained them for three-and-a-half years – providing the knowledge they would need to fulfill their calling as Apostles in Christ.  There is a mistaken idea that training and growing in knowledge of the Lord and His ways conflicts with "being filled with the Spirit".  This is not biblically sound thinking, for you can't read the Gospels and not observe our Lord Himself training His disciples in God's truths and principles before He, after resurrecting from the dead, breather His Spirit into them (John 20:22), and then poured out His Spirit upon them at Pentecost (Acts 2).  Training PLUS the filling/anointing of His Holy Spirit: they are NOT in opposition.  God provides both: and both are provided by His Spirit.  As Paul clearly taught in his epistle to the Ephesian Christians (chapter 4), as well as all his epistles,

    "And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers  For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ:  Till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ:  That we henceforth be no more children, tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the sleight of men, and cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive;  But speaking the truth in love, may grow up into him in all things, which is the head, even Christ:  From whom the whole body fitly joined together and compacted by that which every joint supplies, according to the effectual working in the measure of every part, makes increase of the body unto the edifying of itself in love".  It is God's plan, His way (no surprise here, as He does this so as to teach us to truly love each other), to grow each other up into Christ THROUGH each other: it's why we need teachers, mentors, and fellowship with other believers in Christ – even those called into a particular ministry and task NEED the others in the Body of Christ.  The "church" is God's invention, not man's.  And any and all who are truly "in Christ", are automatically in the Body of Christ: we are individually in Christ, but also corporately.  And each member of the Body of Christ needs (whether they think so or not) the others in Christ.  It is how He works; it's how we grow and minister (fulfill our particular "calling" in Christ) in Christ, fulfilling His will.  The Apostle Paul did not stand alone in His ministering from others in the Body, nor any of the Apostles.  Those pastors/teachers/church-planters (missionaries) God raised up through Paul and the other Apostles, went through training by them as well as receiving the Holy Spirit.  They sat at the feet of the Apostles like they once sat at the feet of Jesus: the same Holy Spirit of God teaching through Jesus, then through the Apostles; and then also through those the Apostles trained, encouraged and equipped, as well as the generations of Christians/Christian-leaders following.  

    Paul stated this to his disciple/apostle Timothy: "…the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others." (2 Tim 2).

    Brother Boa, I would say you obviously have that anointing in the Spirit of our Father to be an "evangelist", even as proved by the work you have been doing and God has clearly blessed.  But remember, Brother: you can do even more as the Lord uses you to train up (or a partner in Christ working with you) future church leaders, pastors and evangelists, so the work and fruit of it is multiplied!  It's why Jesus trained the twelve (and more), who in turn, as they matured in the Lord as His missionaries, began training up those not just to take their place – and the church spread!  May the Lord continue to bless you and raise up churches where He uses you to plant the seeds, so those who come to Christ through your preaching can come together in fellowships across India, and be strong churches, reproducing, saving church fellowships.  Please understand, Brother; I am not opposing you and the obvious blessing of the Lord on you and your ministering.  But know that "head knowledge" (if it's based on God's truths and principles from His Word, rightly understood) AND the Spirit IS a good mix – and what He wants for us.  It's called, "Wisdom from above".  But you know this, for you realize how you've gained wisdom and understanding from your own meditating and study in God's Word. But we are called, too, to be involved in the body of believers, and He Himself raises up those He gifts to teach His truths and principles through His Word – this helps us keep a correct view of His truths and principles, as the Scriptures are not of any one person's "private interpretation".  But His Spirit filled/led teachers, pastors, mentors, in Christ, He helps us grow in truth AND Spirit.  : )

    • Hello friends. Thank you for the gracious reply. I was trying to state, based on my experience, that gaining titles, Master Degrees, Religious garb, etc is not a pre-requisite to being a highly fruitful Minister of the Gospel. My point is, the main qualification is to intimately know Jesus (John 17:3), which leads to automatic fruitfulness, (John 15) and, to be baptised with the Holy Spirit and to be filled with His fire. Apostle Peter, the impulsive wimp turned instantly into a full-fledged evangelist as soon as the Holy Spirit filled him.  Same happened to me (although I was no impulsive wimp 🙂  But, I respect those who have the time and the inclination to go on that path though. It concerns me the people who fritter their time away for years in Bible schools, etc, and chasing knowledge and titles. I love what my friends said after they moved elsewhere and found a new church. Their new pastor told them the the title 'pastor' is a Verb, and their church Goal was 'Jesus'.  As for 'multiplication', yes, you are right, and I promote that.  Anyway, my 2 bob's worth. GBU. Maranatha.

      • While some may indeed "Fritter their time away away", there is a far greater number who do seek training/mentoring in "Higher Education" that has nothing to do with titles or position. As much as I admire your zeal, working on your tact and approach may be a good thing for you as well.

        BTW Peter was by no means a wimp- Impulsive loose cannon, yes, but wimp? Not even close

      • Thanks for your reply, Brother Bao.  I understand where you're coming from.  I just always get a bit concerned when we tend to put all ministers, all means of training/education, into one file – the waste basket.  : )   I am a Spirit-filled Christian (I know what that terminology means both biblically, and as to groups of Christians, such as "Pentecostals" or "Charismatics" – been there, done that – doing that.  : )  But I also greatly value the training the Lord opened doors to obtain, though it took me 3 different times of attending 3 different seminaries until I found one that was sound and the professors were godly, well-grounded biblically sound teachers "in Christ".  When I finally landed in the 3rd attempt, I knew I was in a place God was blessing and leading and the professors had personal relationships with Christ and were led by the Spirit in their mentoring and teaching.  I learned things there that added invaluable ministry tools to my "toolbox" so I could minister more effectively – and the fruit proved it.  I went to that 3rd Christian seminary (still going today, and still in the right direction) only after being disappointed by the first two and dropping out after only a year-and-a-half years of trying to go through them; but they were NOT on the right track, and I couldn't do it.  Wouldn't do it!  But then in the 8 years of ministering in a very charismatic (we're talking back in the 70's) inner city street ministry and church, and teaching in a Christian school as well as assistant pastor in that church, I began to realize what I lacked.  I was encountering ministry situations in which my inadequacies and "ignorance" (of how to effectively address those needs/concerns) were showing up, and the Lord was showing me what He wanted yet for me to learn.  So I prayed and discovered this seminary I've mentioned in Kentucky, and uprooted my family, moved there, and finished my MDiv.  I wasn't pursuing a title or degree, but the trianing I lacked – and I found much of it there.  I learned how to preach more effectively, studying under those who had years of experience in learning how to "preach like Jesus", His methods and wisdom.  Did this lessen a need for the Holy Spirit?  No! Not at all.  Matter of fact, my instructors/professors ALL continually emphasized that while we were learning biblical-based truths and principles, we would still need the Holy Spirit in appropriately applying them in any given ministry situation.  EDUCATION – training – discipling are NOT substitutes for the leading and empowering of the Holy Spirit; but the leading and empowering of the Holy Spirit is NOT a substitute for biblical sound training, either.  In Christ the Spirit leads us into BOTH!  It's both-and, not either-or.  I so wish Christians, especially Christian ministers, like myself, would grasp this!  

        I sat across the table a few years ago, in my cross-cultural ministering among Native Americans ("American Indians", just to clarify), from a Native man, a devout Christian, who had been working at Boeing (airplane/jet manufacturers) some 30+ years and was now retiring.  He was anxious, as he shared, to move back to his land in Arizona, on the Navajo reservation, and minister to his People and preach the Gospel.  I was elated!  "Wonderful, George!"  And the next thought in my mind came out of my mouth, "Where are you going to get your training?"  He looked at me puzzled and said, "Training!  I don't need no training.  I have the Holy Spirit!"  I was a bit shocked and just uttered a, "Oh, OK." in reply.  But I felt a bit of sorrow in my spirit, for it is a notion that the Holy Spirit is going to "zap" the understandings (of God, His nature, His truths and principles and ways, as well as understanding of how human beings work, what sin does to them, how it deceives, and how to in God's wisdom work with that, etc.) and skills needed without any discipling, without any training (learning from those who have years of experience in ministering in the Holy Spirit) – and that just isn't biblical or in step with Jesus' own example of discipling, training and preparing His disciples to be His apostles.  He taught His disciples in a 3+ year intensive roving "seminary" across those Palestinian hills, instructing them in private sessions ("classroom time"), as well as "hands on" (internship) ministering alongside Jesus, observing Him ministering, as well as often being launched by Jesus into ministering themselves.  That is THE first "Bible school" or "seminary", if you will.  Why did Jesus spend all that time with them in training and preparing them BEFORE He anointed them with the same anointing the Father anointed Him with?  Because God has made us with a mind to think, a heart to feel (emotional aspect), and a spirit to be untied with His Spirit.  And He uses ALL of us in living and ministering in Christ.  He leads us into His truths and principles, in studying and meditating in His Word, with also the supplemental assist of teachers/preachers/pastors HE HIMSELF calls and anoints to teach!  He uses these called leaders to be His agents of instruction, affirming and confirming what God also shows us in private; and He uses what He shows us in private, to be sure those teaching us are indeed being led by the same Spirit we are wanting to be led by.  It's  checks-and-balance system he has set up – Jesus called it, His Church – so that we don't get misled in our own private interpretation of God's truths and principles as laid out in the Scriptures, in our own thinking; and so also we can keep those who are called to be leaders from being misled as well!  

        Are there those who chase titles & positions and have an outward form of godliness, but deny the power thereof!  Oh yes, there are!  But that's not everyone; matter of fact, getting to know some (and I realize it's just a dent in a ministerial association of some nearly 40,000+ members) of the Christian ministers in this NACM organziation, the overwhelming majority are amazing, wonderful, Christ-loving, sacrificial living ministers who only want to be one with Christ and be used of Him to reach and disciple others.  I can truly attest to that!

        So I just think we have to be careful not to generalize in our judgments: don't "throw the baby out with the bathwater".  There ARE God-led Bible colleges and seminaries: and they ARE doing the Father's will in providing training that truly helps those called to minister to gain knowledge, sound biblical theological understandings and skills that will indeed by used by the Spirit to produce MORE fruit – and fruit that remains.  I personally am so thankful to the Lord for the doors He has opened to me over my 48 years of walking with Him, having His Spirit in me, in my life – for more and more training.  You cannot learn enough!  He has helped me to more and more "have the mind of Christ" and minister to others more effectively, understanding more and more how Jesus Himself discerned the true motivations of those He ministered to, so He could effectively help them become self-disclosing and open up for not only salvation (as to eternal destiny), but also for growing in the grace and truth of Christ, maturing up into Christ, becoming more and more like Him in character and mind – which IS the abundant life Jesus promised.  Like anything else, even Christian aspects of this life in Christ, you can get focused on the means and forget the end (God's intended "end").  You can chase degrees and titles, but that won't satisfy.  We engage in trianing, in education, in sitting at the feet of those seasoned in Christ, because we want to know Him more deeply and be used of Him more effectively.  I personally see no conflict between gaining knowledge of God and His ways with being led by His Spirit to do His will.

        Good discussion, I think!  I hope we can avoid feeling offended, and instead be encouraged by what each other shares and together, gain more understanding of how we can live even more rightly and effectively in Christ, so that His will is done through us to the greatest degree possible!  All credit goes to Him, Who works in us both to will and to do His good pleasure.  Our only part is to yield.

  3. With all respect, I have never been to 'Bible school' or anything.

    I have learnt from God's Word and been taught by the Holy Spirit, who is the only One who leads us int ALL Truth.

    Having been baptised in the Holy Spirit of Grace (see Hebrews) His fire burns in my soul and I am highly motivated to share the Gospel of Grace (like Paul insisted) everywhere. In South East Asia I go to villages where hundred of people turn up to hear the Gospel and cannot wait to receive Jesus free Salvation and eternal Life through Him.

    With some 2 daily meetings in villages and under mango trees, in a week thousands are saved by the Grace of God.

    Just go and be a do-er of the Word. God is with you.

    Head knowledge is no substitute for being filled to over-flowing with the Holy Spirit and being motivated by the amazing Grace and Love of God.

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