NACM Member Chaplain & Elder Contracts Covid Virus: needs our prayers

Dear Fellow Ministers in Christ;

I just heard from our Elder for West Virginia that he has been ill the last couple days and has tested positive for Covid virus.  PLEASE JOIN IN PRAYING FOR our Brother & Chaplain MARVIN SCHREBE – and others who have contracted the virus at the VA Center where Marvin lives and serves the residents as chaplain.  LET US PRAY IN UNISON FOR HIS HEALING, that our faithful Lord in His grace and mercy would bring Marvin through this illness quickly and restore him to full health, to the glory of Jesus’ name.


We are in this together, in Christ!


I received an email from ELDER MARVIN SCHREBE today, and it turns out IT WAS NOT COVID-19, but he and a few other residents were ill due to a bad dairy product they all consumed at the VA Center there.  SO MARVIN IS MUCH BETTER TODAY, as are the other residents!

THANK YOU though for praying; this was a good outcome!!

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  1. Hello Fellow Ministers, Keep up the Good Work for our Lord! I am brand new to NACM, yet have served in Hospice for over 13 years as a Chaplain. I cannot find anywhere on this site what the fees are for Minister’s License or Ordination. Would someone please help me out or tell me where on this site I can find that info. Thank you SO Very MUCH!

    • Hello Sherrill – and welcome to the NACM! As to ordination: point to, in the above main toolbar just under the NACM header on this webpage (or any webpage), PROFILE (Navy blue tab) and you get a drop down menu – and you’ll see “ORDINATION APP” – click on that for the application for ordination (ordination has no cost at the NACM: once you submit the application and you receive the ordination approval in return, a couple to few days later, you are ordained. If you desire the Diploma/Certificate of ordination, you can purchase that in the SPIRIT SHOP – see that white tab in the main toolbar above). Once on the SPIRIT SHOP webpage, click on CREDENTIALS – and then you’ll see DIPLOMA OF ORDINATION (cost for producing, packaging, shipping is shown); also, you’ll see the CLASSIC MINISTER’S LICENSE (laminated embossed NACM minister’s license with annual renewal date/expiration date) – or you’ll also see the photo minister’s ID if preferred. Once you are approved for ordination by the email response to your ordination application, you are ordained by the NACM. You do NOT have to obtain the Diploma of Ordination to be ordained; that is optional and up to you. But once you are ordained by the email response to your ordination application, they you are welcome to also obtain your minister’s license from the SPIRIT SHOP as shared above. Hope that helps!

  2. Father in heaven we ask Your mercy and healing for members of our organization who are afflicted with COVID, as well as their families who may have also be afflicted. We pray that their suffering may be eased and their health may be restored and that those family members who have not been afflicted with COVID and care for those who have are given the strength to endure the everyday stresses of seeing family members afflicted and suffering. We also pray that if it be Thy Will that some of those afflicted do not recover that You give their families the strength to know that they will be in Your loving care and will suffer no longer. We then pray that You send comfort to the families in their hour of need. We ask all of this in Your Holy Name Lord God. Amen.

  3. I pray for chaplin Marvin and all those affected with Covid-19 . That God will surround them with all their needs and good health. That he keep his angels emcamped around them for a shield of protection. I also pray for their love ones who supports them that God keep them encouraged and build them up in his Glory. Amen

    • “Give Thanks to the LORD, for He is Good
      Psalm 107:…19Then they cried out to the LORD in their trouble, and He saved them from their distress. 20He sent forth His word and healed them; He rescued them from the Pit.21Let them give thanks to the LORD for His loving devotion and His wonders to the sons of men.…”
      Berean Study Bible
      The Lord is our healer . . . even from COVID-19. Amen!
      Peace and Grace and Blessings from David Ramkumar. ❤️🙏

  4. Thankfully it was not covid-19. But Lord we lift up those who are affected by covid-19 along with their loved ones and claim healing for them. Lord your Word says if 2 or more are joined together in prayer you shall be in their midst. Not only do we pray for those afflicted by covid-19 but we pray a hedge of protection around their loved ones that they might not get ill. In Jesus Name I pray,
    Amen and Amen

  5. Father, we stretch our hands to thee for no other help do we know can heal and transform us. Lord we pray right now for ELDER MARVIN SCHREBE and all those who have contracted this virus. Lord, we ask the you come see about him. We know you are omnipresent and omniscient so we stand on your promise to be with him and his family. Father give him that peace to know that his NACM family is praying for and with him but most of all that you are with him during this time. In Jesus name Amen.

    • Thank you for praying for Elder Marvin, Elder Edgar. I would share, too, as noted as an UPDATE in the post above about Elder Marvin, that though it was first suspected to be the Virus, a day or two later it proved to be another cause – as Elder Marvin and the other residents of the VA Center where Marvin lives and ministers as chaplain got well! It is thought their illness was related to food that wasn’t “right”.

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