March 2022 Ministry Spotlights, Announcements, and Schedules


MEMBER SPOTLIGHT:  Chaplain Tim Meadows Opens West Virginia Legislative Session with Prayer (February 2022)!

MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: NACM Minister JEAN SCHUMM Starts a Christian Parenting Movement in Kentucky…and across the USA!

Jean Schumm was just a concerned Christian Mom (and NACM member) with teens in public school, but looked to the Lord for help in truly helping her kids with all the challenges and temptations of today: porno, sexting, cyber-bullying, obsessive gaming, marijuana & other drugs, prescription drug abuse, self-injury, anxiety & depression, suicide, lying, self-esteem, eating disorders, ADHD, etc.).  Out of her own experience and determined to apply God’s love and truths to these issues, other parents began to want her help!  Jean was even invited to speak at her kids’ school, and then other schools, churches, community meetings!  Out of this developed Jean’s unique ministry: OPERATION:PARENT.  Now Jean and her team respond to many speaking engagements and have developed their PARENTS HANDBOOK as very detailed practical guide how to help your preteens/teens (and even younger ages) face these challenges successfully.  Her team also offers FREE WEBINARS almost monthly on these same topics, bringing in experts, too, in related fields.  Jean has a desire to utilize these resources to HELP PASTORS help parents in their congregations to grasp and implement biblical principles in their parenting and save their kids from the many pitfalls before them!

MATTER OF FACT:  NACM MEMBER MINISTERS – JEAN is WILLING TO SEND YOU A FREE SAMPLE PARENTS MANUAL so you can see this resource for yourself!  Just email her at: and tell her Rev RODGER NIEMEIER mentioned about a possible free sample Operation Parent Parent’s Manual!  This is a very practical, thorough tool for training parents to better help their children understand the consequences of the challenges they are facing today.  IF ANYONE SHOULD BE TRAINING PARENTS TODAY ON HOW TO PARENT RIGHTLY, IT IS THE CHURCH!  Pastors and Church Leaders/teachers should be helping parents know HOW to rightly strengthen their kids for the challenges they are facing!

FREE WEBINARS: I will seek to post an announcement for the FREE WEBINARS as they are made known (or go to the OPERATION PARENT website for an ongoing schedule –   )




NACM MEMBERS:  EARLY MARCH CPE (Clinical Pastoral Educ) Chaplaincy Training is Available!

The 4 CPE UNITS REQUIRED for becoming a certified “professional chaplain/pastoral counselor” (opening doors to becoming a paid staff chaplain at a hospital, military, police department, fire department, prison system, hospice, corporation, university, etc.),is being offered through an online CPE program by NACM member Retired Navy/Marine Chaplain RON RINGO (PhD, CPE Supervisor/Instructor), in his EAGLE’S WINGS WELLNESS MINISTRIES program (an affiliate of WSHO – World Spiritual Health Organization  

– officially recognized as an affiliate member of the Association of Theological Schools (ATS).  
FOR MORE INFORMATION or TO REGISTER: contact “Chappy” Ron Ringo:  email at; or phone: (619) 855-5446. 
MENTION that you are a NACM member – reduced tuition to $750 per semester; (as opposed to the usual costs of other CPE programs from up to $1,200 per quarter).  In addition, you can receive an additional discount to $650 for the first quarter if you start the next quarter starting the first week of March. Registration needs to be completed soon!  CONTACT CHAPPY RON for DETAILS!

Michael Mooney, NACM Exec. Elder (144)

I live in Greenville SC. I am married to the woman of my dreams and we have 4 children. I have been in ministry 20+ years. I graduated from Liberty University. I have a Diploma of Biblical Studies, Bachelor of Science in Religion, Master of Business Administration, and a Master of I/O Psychology. I most enjoy camping, music production, and basking in the presence of the Holy Spirit while worshipping.

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  1. Brother, I would love to be able to make this trip with you but my disabilities at this point in my life would hinder me greatly. I’ll be praying for you and know that the Lord will give you the strength and energy needed to be able to serve the Ukrainian refugees in the best way possible.

    God bless you and keep you and supply your every need according to His riches in glory.

    Love and prayers in his name,

    David L Forsberg

  2. Greetings;

    Upon speaking with a couple of folks who are moved to assist as well; I am interested in knowing if anyone desires to visit the Ukraine (via Poland) – to assist with refugees.

    Please note: This is not for the weak at heart – Expect great difficulty, lack of food/cleanliness/sleep, and the rigors of being in constant motion.

    You must pay your way over and back – bring items and cash with you – and make DARN SURE you are healthy (have all shots-covid free – viral/shingles/measles/mumps/rubella/whopping cough/cancer free/chicken pox/pneumococcal/malaria/ (be disease free and have all shots)

    Physical – be physically fit – able to run – lift/carry – stay on feet for more than 24 hours or more if necessary. No breathing issues or physical impairments.

    Please pray about this and let me know within 10 days – we are planning to leave by then.


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