Dance Ministry Training for Church Leaders

Dance Ministry Training for Church Leaders

God has blessed me to create a 6-weekly training program so that church leaders obtain a theological formation in dance ministry.    The purpose of this training is to establish a sound understanding of the use of dance as a ministry within Christian arts praise and worship.

With 20 years of dance ministry experience, I am the Dance Ministry Director for the First African Methodist Episcopal  Bethel Church Adult Dance Ministry, Harlem, NY.  The dance ministry training program is a weekly bible study-dance ministry training that is in relation to developing a dancer’s heart (Matt. 22:37).

This program provides a leadership understanding of dance ministry training:

  1. Based on nine principles for God’s dancer, the physical application incorporates five basic ballet steps that have been reclaimed into scriptural settings.
  2. Each ballet position is undergirded in scripture, and then that is re-inserted into the nine dance ministry principles.
  3. The principles are then correlated into six ministry dexterities that are constructed in Exodus 15:20.
    • It enhances the opportunity for all [people] women of faith to honor God in dance; “…all the women followed her [Miriam] with tambourines and dancing”.

This training will benefit all faith leaders with the understanding that dance is also a form of praise and worship.   No matter how experienced or inexperienced the desired heart is to dance before the Lord, this training program is based on understanding the importance of studying the Word of God first.

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