The One Question?

The One Question?

I am hoping that all that read this share their knowledge with all of us. Through years of sharing Jesus with others, I truly desired for God to show me a way to cut right to it. In a way that the person you asked the question to automatically had to question everything about their life as a Christian and if there were areas they needed to work on to grow closer to him. But it also starts the conversation with non-believers. It only works if a person is honest with themself.

I use this one question whether I am speaking with a Christian or non-believer because it opens doors to their reality in Christ only if they are honest about it. We are all serving to complete the most important mission we were given as a Christian and that is to bring the lost home with you to Jesus to be saved.

I ask myself this question every morning in my prayer time and ask God to reveal what I may not be able to see to become who he intends me to be. If you are honest about your response this question will shake you to your core with a reality check of your faith. There are many ways we speak to others about Jesus Christ and ourselves and I am praying all of you will respond and share so others may gain knowledge as together we are the body of Christ  Please share what you say to open the door to a discussion about knowing Jesus.

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The One Question? is (If you died today, are you SURE you would go to heaven?) Thank you for reading and helping all of us grow closer to our Lord and Savior.


Stay Blessed NACM Family


My journey with Christ has been as long as I can remember from being a small child. I first was called into his service as a young man but was so engrossed with the success I was experiencing in the world I did not answer. Although years of success occurred so did years of correction. Finally, God had enough of my non-response for his purpose for my life and I lost everything to get my attention on his desires. As time went by the purpose of his intention became clear and amazing things started happening. The ministry God has blessed me with is to be of service to others no matter whether an individual or an organization serving God in expanding his kingdom. Please contact us if we may be of assistance to you or your ministry.

Fast forward to today it is truly amazing what God is using me for. The creation of became a reality and has seen partner ministries grow their congregation food ministry from 15,000 pounds a week to 3 times that amount and keeps growing with a national sponsor plus much more. I have authored 3 books in 2021 and one of the books God created was an incredible blessing that will be released worldwide on TBN Trinity Broadcasting Network on April 15, 2022, with Seeds: Growing with God. The commercial can be viewed by clicking on the link here @

God keeps opening doors that I can't wait to run through to see what incredible things he will create serving him and bringing others home. I look forward to joining together to grow his kingdom.

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  1. I do street chaplaincy with the homeless where I live, and I usually ask them if they would like for me to pray for them. When I pray, I include thanks for Christ’s sacrifice. I find they have no problem with that

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