Sermon Series: “Our Warfare”; Sermon: “THE BREASTPLATE OF RIGHTEOUSNESS”

Pastor Edwin (5)

Called to ministry and pastorship since I was a small child. But being a Pastor’s kid for 3 quarters of my life, and seeing all the unfortunate abuse against my dad by ungrateful congregants, the years of bullying I had to deal with as a child and in my youth for being the “Pastor’s Kid”. That made me resentful and rebellious against “church”, ministry and even God, and once I was 19 Years old I left my home to run away from ministry, God and the “calling” to Ministry that was upon my life. I tried to live my life “my way” without God and ministry and I failed miserably. God had given me the talent of being a musician and singer and I ended up using that talent for MY selfish gain and fame and glory. Came to point where at age 24 suffered stroke, was incapacitated, paralyzed from left side and laying in hospital bed with slim to no chance of recovery. It was then on that bed that I heard God’s voice once again upon my life reminding me that He had placed His call upon my life, that He had purpose for me and that He wanted my attention and at that moment I made promise to God that if He raised me from that bed and condition, I would spend rest of my days serving Him and following His call to Ministry and Pastoring for His honor, glory and purpose.

Since then I have been associate Pastor at various churches, co-pastor and now currently Pastoring English ministry at Prince Of Peace Church in NYC.

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