return to pre-denominational

We dont need another variety of church. We need to go back to the first church. Thats right, the early church in the book of acts is what the body of Christ is supposed to look like. Every denomination needs to change, back to the doctrine of the Apostles. We need to go back to one church who believes the Bible and does what it says. Yes, a church who lets the Holy Ghost interpret of the Bible, not philosophy or vein deceit. In this church believers gather to celebrate Jesus together in one accord and they come before His throne and worship Him in one accord
We need to walk in the power of the Holy Ghost and also, we need to be led by Him. I am with my apostles in the Lord, (Christian and Robin Harfouche) in that, I am a member of the pre denominational church. In this pre denominational church there are still Apostles, prophets’ evangelists’ pastors and teachers. Signs and wonders follow the believer still today in the church that I belong to. God gave spiritual gifts to believers who are baptized in the Spirit of the Lord. God wants every believer to learn to use the gifts and to walk in them.
In this church every believer is called to the ministry. The ministry of sharing the good news with the world. God wants every person on this planet to know that He made a way for them to be saved. He wants them to know that they can come to Him through Jesus Christ. He is the way to God; He will not reject anyone who comes to Him.
Its time to rise up church and be used by God. The time for inactivity is over, it is action time rise up church! This is just a little picture of the Church I belong to. Every believer needs to learn who they are and what their part is in His body; they need to boldly take their place and walk in who He has made them to be. I believe it’s my calling to help believers learn to be who they are called to be and teach them how to operate in their spiritual gifts and to prepare them to take the gospel to the entire planet. I also want them to know how to hear the Lord and to walk close to Him. This is the true heart of what Church is supposed to be, knowing Him.
                                                                                                                                                          Robert Dunsing

Robert Dunsing (9)

I saw Jesus 25 years ago in a vision that lasted 15 minutes. I could never understand what the vision meant for all these years. I told a couple people this vision and they could'nt  understand it either. I just forgot about it until in 2018 the when Lord brought it to my memory and gave me the understanding of this vision. I'll make this long story short.

I saw Him in great detail, I could see His eye pupils and His adams apple. He never looked at me once and I thought He never spoke to me. Until now I know He spoke many things to me. This vision was sealed for this time were in. I believe this final harvest,

I remember the look of great concern on His face as He looked about the face of the earth. He showed me there was two main reasons for His concern. The greater reason is that He paid the price for everyone to be saved and yet people are still choosing to go to hell. His second concerne is where are His people and why arent they doing something about it.

I can share this vision in detail, I saw a man who was left behind and He wasnt able to go with Jesus when He came. The coming of the Lord came quickly and the man was left behind. The Lord doesnt want any one to go to hell not even one person. This vision entails my calling, sharing the gospel with all the world and prepairing believers for the ministry of sharing the good news. I also am teaching people to walk in their gifts and calling.