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I have a prayer request. Pray that I can get through my oceanography class with my wits in tact. I just started back to school at Marshall University. I have to have one more science class to meet my graduation requirements. I took oceanography because the advisor thought it would be the science class with the least math. I had a traumatic brain injury as a child and the area of my brain that processes math was affected. The professor is very understanding, and says he will try to explain the math in such a way I can process it. He said there would be some algebra, but he does not believe they are test questions.

My biggest problem with the class, or any science class is not the math as much as it is the far-fetched ideas they want to sell. For example, I am suppose to believe that the universe originated with the big bang. We all knew that was coming. To make matters worse though, I am suppose to believe that everything that now exists was always here. It was just compressed into some mathematical theory called a singularity. I did some basic research and a singularity is apparently the final result of the theoretical “black hole”. A black hole is collapsed star that has such mass that its collapse rips a hole in the space-time continuum (whatever that is). Anyway, the gravity is so strong that it bends space and time,compressing everything down to a particle so small that it has to be expressed as an equation called a singularity. Of course there are a few holes in their theory that these geniuses cannot explain to my satisfaction. For example, if there were no stars to collapse then how did the singularity get there to begin with? I ask these questions and of course get some answer that makes the singularity answer seem almost as reliable! I am a science fiction fan but come on folks. Do I really have to listen to these kinds of fantasies and hair-brained ideas from so-called “scholars”? Anyway, pray for me. Ask our Lord and Savior to give me the patience to learn the nonsense they want me to know, without going absolutely insane trying to wrap my head around it!

Marvin Schrebe (12)

I am chaplain of the West Virginia Veterans Home and a seminary student at Regent University online.

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  1. I am praying for my Nigerian brothers. Nobody should ever prevent a person from worshiping. If a Muslim wanted to serve the demon Allah I would not prevent their doing so. I would present them with the truth but would never stop them from serving Allah.

  2. I find a lot of the stuff we study in class to be absolutely fascinating. I don’t understand a lot of it and only need enough of it to get a decent grade in the class. Still I have to wade through what lines up with God’s word and what does not. For example in class the other day the professor was saying that the oceans did not appear first, but that land was here first. Gods word makes it clear that water covered everything first.

    • This is the first time I have been able to log in in some time. I missed your post until today. I agree that there is hope. Many of my professors at Marshall are believers to some degree. I don’t think any of them are outright atheists, though I couldn’t be certain. My Oceanography professor knows that I will question him and ask questions for which he has no answer.

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