Fellow NACM Members: I would call you to URGENT PRAYER for our fellow Christians & NACM member ministers in NIGERIA as persecutions have stepped up lately and things are getting worse (kidnapping, robbing Christians of all property, rape, enslaving/selling Christian women/girls, and murdering especially Christian men/pastors/evangelists).

I have been regularly in touch, as Executive Elder and taking oversight over our NACM Elders, with our NIGERIAN ELDER FREEWATER ISSAH who has had to recently leave his home and move his wife and children to southern Nigeria, trying to escape recent attacks.  His farm was attacked a couple months ago and his livestock stolen and some destroyed.  He sought to rebuild, but then there were two attempts on kidnapping him and killing him.  So they have had to flee to southern Nigeria where it was hoped to be better.  But that is not proving to be so either.  PLEASE JOIN IN PRAYING FOR FREEWATER & HIS FAMILY, that the Lord would provide needed funds to get out of Nigeria and to either Ghana or Ivory Coast and be safe.  I myself have seen firsthand videos Freewater has forwarded to me of these attacks (even today) and how the government is failing to protect Christians and others and allow these Muslim Fulani to grow in strength and do the evil they are doing.

I know some Christian organizations (i.e., ACLJ – Jay Sekulow, who was one of the attorneys for Trump during impeachment trial and has been using legal influence to try and get the present US administration to put pressure on Nigeria’s government to stop this persecution) are trying to bring national and worldwide attention to this increasing slaughter in Nigeria (also starting in Kenya).  MUCH PRAYER IS NEEDED to come alongside our Christian Brothers & Sisters in these countries at this time (Remember those who are in prison as if you were in prison with them. Remember those who are suffering as if you were suffering with them – Hebrews 13:3).

So PLEASE PRAY MUCH if you would, and you can also offer words of encouragement to our Nigerian Elder Freewater by messaging him on the NACM website if you wish: https://nacministers.org/directory/47a6394db67fbeff/messages/compose/?r=882&_wpnonce=de856ffaa5   or, via Messenger/Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/freewater.nathissah

THANK YOU for your attention!

*IMPORTANT UPDATE 03/30/2021 (from Jay Sekulow of ACLJ – American Ctr. for Law & Justice – Christian lawyers group):   

“Violence against Christians has reached a CRITICAL CONDITION this Holy Week.  We just took MAJOR action, but now we face a critical midnight deadline tomorrow in our fight for persecuted Christians.  On Palm Sunday, suicide bombers detonated explosives in a Christian church in Indonesia. The Sunday before was the deadliest day in a long time in Nigeria, as radical Islamic gunmen murdered 137 people, including 22 children.   We’ve been warning you how radical Islamic militias are targeting Christians for slaughter just because of their faith. Families have been murdered. Christian pastors have been beheaded. Christian teens have been abducted and forced into slavery.

The world should be outraged! “


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  1. Hello Freewater; We are praying for you and your famlies, friends, and neighbors. When you can safely find the time write to us so we can raise up our prayers to God for all your needs and safety.

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