Lord’s Day

This is Lord’s Day and I know many of you will be doing what I am doing: violating the Sabbath by teaching or preaching today. This is why Jesus said that the Sabbath was made for man and not man for the Sabbath.  What is really frustrating is when people are required to work secular jobs each Sunday and are unable to attend church because of it. How I often long for the days of the blue laws, when the law itself respected the Lord’s Day and closed down many businesses so that people had time to worship.  Our society is going to hell quickly because we now have other gods. Not only are foreign religions being recognized and embraced but laws are being passed that run contrary to God’s word. Millions of children are being aborted each year. We fight tooth and toe nail to give rights to death row inmates convicted of murder but the unborn child has no representation and no appeal if the mother chooses to terminate the pregnancy. Our identity is being twisted into something God did not intend. So as we attend Lord’s Day services today let us reaffirm our commitment to see souls brought into the kingdom of God.

Marvin Schrebe (12)

I am chaplain of the West Virginia Veterans Home and a seminary student at Regent University online.

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