Our Instruments.

Hi to all. A very practical topic in our Christian musicians group.  Our Instruments. Having a right heart attitude towards the Lord is first priority but what about our tools? Quality or availability? Im interested in your opinions.

Teresa Marsh, Administrative Elder (27)

My passion is prophetic and worship. We have a large family of 9 children. Always horses and dogs around. Im part of a small church in a small town.

2 thoughts on “Our Instruments.”

  1. Quality – definitely! You have to have quality musicians with the right heart for the Lord – no ego! Lousy music for the congregation distracts them from worship and it distracts the musicians as well. I’d rather have no guitarist than a bad guitarist or a great guitarist without the right heart. It may sound a little harsh, but after years in Worship bands and as leader, this is the conclusion I’ve drawn.

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