Welcome to the First Monday, 5th day of August 2019. Beloved, this Week and beyond, You will sing a New song and Celebrate the Wondrous deeds of the Lord over your life.

The Scriptures says in Psalm 40:3 And he hath Put a New Song in my Mouth, Even Praise unto our God: Many shall see it, and fear, and shall trust in the LORD. Shout halleluyah, Rejoice in the Lord God as you sing a new Song to the King of kings.

Beloved, I decree therefore that, God will Put a new Song in your Mouth in JESUS name and grant you JOY. You will never have any reason to weep in the Powerful Name of JESUS. It’s your week of Visitation with powerful testimonies today and always.

May the Lord take over from where you consider your limit. May that which you consider as the best you can do or achieve actually become your best start. May the Lord disgrace your limits by showing you what grace can do in your life. From today onwards, limitations/peak is removed from your lexicon, you will continue to soar higher than every other day. You will achieve more than what you projected in Jesus mighty name.

GOOD MORNING and do enjoy a blissful Week of Divine Visitation and Progress. Stay Strong, Focused and Remain Lifted.

With Love from Elder Freewater. SHALOM!

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