Something to Notice in 1st and 2nd Peter…

Has anyone else noticed how much 1st and 2nd Peter agree with the writings of Paul? It’s almost like Paul was writing them at times. I think this is the reason why Peter calls the writings of Paul Scripture.

David Miller (15)

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  1. Hello brother David;

    I think 1st and 2nd Peter are near 2 different authors –
    1 Peter is essentially traditional, drawing on key Psalms, key chapters of Isaiah, and wisdom sayings, some of which are found elsewhere in the New Testament. 2 Peter, however, favors a more allusive style and is dependent on more obscure sources. Very different writings indeed.
    1st Peter (like Paul) criticizes “false teachers” who distort the authentic, apostolic tradition, and predicts judgment for them.
    However, 2nd Peter, (like Daniel) explains that God is patient, and has not yet brought the Second Coming of Christ in order that more people will have the chance to reject evil and find salvation (3:3–9). 
    Peter considered his readers to be the “elect” of God, and wrote to prepare them for the fiery trials ahead.
    Some scholars state that Peter and Paul never met, however, it is written that they taught together and founded Christianity in Rome together (a sound reason for their writings to be similar).
    A large bridge between them was Peters belief that they were not to eat with the gentiles, while Paul stated it was fine. 

    For a really in depth read on PETER and PAUL’s meetings/rifts/differences, ect, please see: it’s a great read…


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