Something Ezekiel Said

God says, in Ezekiel’s fifth chapter, that he will judge Israel, and then He says something I don’t think we think enough about: He says that, after the judgments, He will be comforted.

It seems to me that all of creation originally was built for communion with God, including us. Sin has separated us and, as Paul wrote in Romans, all of creation groans in anticipation of that restored fellowship that will make everything new and beautiful, beyond what we can even imagine. We often think of God as being separated from us in a way that means that nothing we do can reach Him. Job’s friends even said as much in their discourses: God is in Heaven, and what we do or say can’t reach up to affect Him. I think that’s untrue. Sin has caused God the suffering of separation from what He has created, and the end of sin will be when both we, and God, all creation and the Creator, are reconciled, and I think this is when both we, and God, will be comforted. Ezekiel prophesied a time when Israel would return and repent, and God accepts them back. God is comforted in response to His anger against Israel, but I think God will be comforted along with us, in response to the new communion we will have with Him.

David Miller (17)

The Lord has laid on my heart the ministry of a street chaplain. I've lived all over this country. I love God and this fellowship. My ministry can be found at

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