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I’ve noticed, in chapters 7-12, Job is laying out three cases.

1: He knows he’s a sinner, but he doesn’t know what he did to deserve his suffering.

2: God’s sovereignty extends to everything, and he feels it’s hopeless to present his case directly, even though he acknowledges that God always does right and he doesn’t know everything.

3: He wishes he had someone to talk to God on his behalf, and share his suffering with Him, maybe to get some relief, even if it’s just death.

He couldn’t know then, but God knows suffering intimately, and Christ is that mediator for us all. We are blessed to know that God isn’t just “up there”, doing whatever He wills; there’s always a purpose, and no matter what we go through,He goes with us.

David Miller (15)

The Lord has laid on my heart the ministry of a street chaplain. I've lived all over this country. I love God and this fellowship. My ministry can be found at

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