A Few Things I Noticed in Exodus…

So, I’ve noticed – and I’m going through the first 21 chapters of the book again this week, – that there seem to be three types of people being outlined in Exodus.

The first type is the type that is spiritually lost, and loving it. They need a lot to believe, and even then, they won’t let go. The Egyptians, specifically Pharaoh, fit this group. They end up getting all the reason to believe that they need, and it costs them everything.

The second type is the type that is being led by God, who are so conditioned by the crises, traumas, and griefs of life to be in emergency mode all the time, and it can cost them spiritually, making it hard for them to remember the mighty works of God and causing them to go after God and His people. The Israelites are this way. I don’t think they were necessarily spiritually lost yet, but they were sure affected by their own ideas of the necessities of life that they couldn’t see the significance of God’s work in their lives. If we’re not careful, we can end up as the spiritually lost in our thinking, though we can never be too far gone for God.

The third type are the servants of God. They’re not perfect; sometimes, they get swept up in the crises of life and plead, too. They are, however, people to whom God has revealed His greatness and, perhaps more importantly, His goodness. They are connected to Him, and will never stray too far. Moses and Aaron were this way. This type can sometimes need some common-sense advice from other sources, and God allows that, and even blesses it. God is all for common sense, but He is even more for spiritual sense.

David Miller (11)

The Lord has laid on my heart the ministry of a street chaplain. I've lived all over this country. I love God and this fellowship. My ministry can be found at angelsofhope2008.wixsite.com/mysite

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