Gen Z is open to relationships, but lukewarm about religion.

Michael Mooney, NACM Exec. Elder (144)

I live in Greenville SC. I am married to the woman of my dreams and we have 4 children. I have been in ministry 20+ years. I graduated from Liberty University. I have a Diploma of Biblical Studies, Bachelor of Science in Religion, Master of Business Administration, and a Master of I/O Psychology. I most enjoy camping, music production, and basking in the presence of the Holy Spirit while worshipping.

1 thought on “Gen Z is open to relationships, but lukewarm about religion.”

  1. Hi all, 

    I got to thinking about how hard it is for a non-believer to convert to Christianity. 

    I was thinking about Adam and Eve. 

    Mainly Adam. Adam was not deceived like Eve was and still disobeyed God because Adam was standing right beside Eve, as she turned and gave the fruit to Him and He ate. (Mankind is still eating illegal fruit all the time)

    Anyway, after eating the fruit, they heard God walking in the Garden and became afraid. The very God that gave Adam His authority, made Him ruler over the earth, and had Him name all the animals, became fearful unto Adam and Eve and they hid. The non-believer is still doing the same thing Adam did. (Mainly running away and hiding from God)

    God could still talk to Adam, but all Adam could hear was words with no anointing. In the New Testament, the non-born again people, when God spoke, heard thunder or assumed an Angel spoke. Either way, they were incapable of receiving the Word because they were not Spiritually alive. 

    Even so today, the Devil puts a lot of fear and uncertainty into someone that is about to commit their life to Christ. 

    A lot of times we, as Christians, become too eager to win a new Convert and sometimes push to hard. 

    That is why Love is so important when dealing with someone who is searching for Salvation. 

    Tread easy, love them into the Kingdom. This way, when they decide to give their Heart to the Lord, it will be because they wanted to become a Christian and not because for other reasons. 

    Just my thoughts, 

    Brother TFW

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