A Call to Arms

We are and always have been at the end of days. Not actually knowing the Lord’s time line is not relevant

to this point. The signs have been and continue to be a part of this existence, only the level of depravity and

the calendar have changed. But we as Christians should live everyday as if our Savior is around every

corner and behind every door. We encounter “the least of these” routinely and seldom embrace them as

fellow children of God. We are all guilty, as we all are sinners. Our judgment is not assured until the final

blink of an eye before the rapture begins, We have enemies at every gate as well in our own ranks leading

congregations with man made faith, hollow love and dollar store grace. None of these are eternal,

righteous or true and will lead to damnation. We,  as God’s disciples, need to live the truth, speak the truth

and accept no other “correctness” It is our time to truly prepare God’s church for Christ’s return, like a

bride waiting for her groom. The corruption of this world has entered the church like never before.

Satan has unlimited access to the masses, his tools labeled as convenience, progress or as making life

easier. All the while tainting a world whose pastor’s rarely speak his name or the evil committed under his

banner. Christian Warriors! Collect your shields and dawn your armor, the battle is at our gates. HOLD THE LINE! Who will stand with me? God’s glory fuels this fight.

Onward Christian Soldiers and know your six is covered by the ones we arm with our witness and God’s

righteousness lead by Christ himself. Our savior will deliver us, for  God is with us, who can stand against us?

For our enemies are at the gates.


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