Armor of God

Ephesians 6:10-18 What is the armor of God? What battle are we even fighting? How can we put on this type of armor? Am I even worthy to try and put this armor on? Wars have come and gone through history but one thing that always remains is the loss of life. Thousands of lives each and every time a war rages what’s worse thousands of lives are everyday to sin. This war that we are born into isn’t of flesh or blood we don’t use m16s to stop our enemy. This war that we are apart of is spiritual the fight between God and the devil with his followers. We are given this armor from our God to combat against the evil ways that are used to ensnare our lives, and drown us in our sin. Now the parts that make up this armor are helmet of salvation, the sword of the Spirit, shield of faith, breastplate of righteousness, and belt of truth. If you want you can imagine like I do that God has chosen you to be a superhero and help fight the evil forces.

It may sound funny to say it like that but its true, we have been given our superpowers through our Lord. He paid our great debt to give us these gifts and the scary part is some have no idea what is before them everyday. This war that we are fighting isn’t among us as in its not about this church or that one, this race or that one, and who is right or who is wrong. It is about coming together if we call each other Christians to fight the evil forces that seek to come against us. If we continue to fight ourselves we will certainly never gain salvation or succeed in having unity with our fellow Christians all we will find is segregation. Segregation from the things that we may need to help us on our journey, segregation in the people, and most of all segregation of our hearts from God. The word Christian means to be like Christ yet when we accept this title do we truly show others that we are like Christ or do we show them that we still live in the world? This is probably the heaviest burdens that I have taken on in my life besides being a father, husband, and a son when I answer His call everything else changes. These words here today spoken are not meant to divide or single anyone out but bring us together. We can ordain the armor of God and leave today together to go fight for someone in need. Today is the day the Lord has made and I will rejoice in it the battles may rage but my love for Him will overcome amen.

If you read the bible there is many examples of war and battles fought but I want to focus on Joshua 6:1-21 Walls of Jericho fall and the battle was won due to Joshua following the words of God. Its also interesting to note that they were conditions to raiding and how many times that the number seven is used. Seven days, seven times around the city, and seven priest how many days did it take for the world to be created…seven. How many years of tribulation are there? Seven….it just keeps coming up over and over may not seem like it matters but symbols, signs, and even a rooster as well many other things have been used by God to get our attention. Just like the walls came down in Jericho the walls that we build in our lives also need to come down. If we are going to war for God we first have to let Him into our hearts, for that to happen we have to let go not be what the world says is acceptable but dive head first into His love and mercy. The world will tell you build your walls that they will protect you but walls are not unbreakable. But His love is and the salvation He offers is only you here today can either accept that or deny it just like everyone else not here.

2 kings 5:8-15 Elisha was cleansed from leprosy and yet again the number seven comes up again. But lets focus on the part when Elisha was told to go down to the river and dunk himself. It doesn’t say that he stopped or questioned why he have to do something like this, he carried out with the request to wash and be cleansed. If we are going to put on the armor of God we to have to be washed and cleansed of our sins. His spirit has to dwell inside of us in order for us to go to the place He has prepared for us. He told Nicodemus what must be done and that still rings true even today. John 3:1-19 This part is very important because if we don’t do this what will we do when the battle comes upon our doors. What excuse will we give when we standing in front of the throne of judgement? Whether we realize it or not the battle doesn’t stop when we are tired, we run out of supplies, or even if we say that we give up because of that we need Gods mercy and love to protect us.

Now what makes all these things mesh or come together…faith. Faith is what makes salvation possible, the armor of God and much more with out faith how would any Christianity work. James 2:14-26 Faith and works two very important things given to us for if we have one without the other our walk is shortened. Now it says that part of the armor is the shield of faith think about that for a moment. Think about how much a shield can protect us and think about how much faith can protect us. Shields back in the day were made of metal, wood, and other materials wore in battle to protect the user from all sorts of attacks. In the war that we are now fighting the enemy isn’t always seen, we don’t always know when to defend ourselves, and most of all the shields we carry are one of a kind. What I mean by that is that our shields may grow in size, they reflect our desires, or simply put they tell our story in ways that we couldn’t. Our faith is our greatest shield but what fuels it? What gets you out of bed every day? Who lights the fire that burns in your heart? We are given a shield that can protect us in so many ways but its God that leads us into battle. His actions alone are the reason that we have a tomorrow and we have a chance to punch our tickets to see Him. Matthew 8:23 -26 With the shield of faith would you be like the men on the ship or would you be as calm as Jesus?
In closing I know that it can seem over bearing at times I know that even as I stand here I am still fighting. Fighting for all the stories, memories, and the people I have been blessed to meet that one day we will join hand in hand in heaven. To see my dad, father mac, childhood friend, high school friend, and many more but who is waiting for you. When the battle comes to a end in your life who will you see again? This war has taken so many things in our lives but its Jesus that keeps giving overflowing our cups with mercy, love, joy, peace, and thankfulness. In return what will you give, what position will you take in this war? Psalm 144:1 A psalm of David blessed be the Lord my rock who trains my hands for war and my fingers for battle. Psalm 140:7 O God the Lord the strength of my salvation you have covered my head in the day of battle. Deuteronomy 20:4 For the Lord your God is the one who goes with you to fight for you against your enemies to save you. Fear not in this battle for God is with you and His angels let us not be afraid but rejoice with the children of God. For we are brought together strengthened by our love for Him who can come against us? God has chosen us to serve just the ones before us have to honor their stories, memories, and the people they have been blessed. We may not use m16s to rage this war or even cannons but we are given a armor by our heavenly father an armor to fight the overwhelming darkness that seeks to take over the light of the world. Who here will stand with me against the evil forces, who here will pray with me, and who here will praise our God for the blessing of His gifts in our lives. The saints, apostles, and many have gone before us that we cannot change but we can fight here and now that we may see them. We can stand beside them before the king of kings can we here raise our voices and say amen….what about a hallelujah to the God who answers our prayers. Who here is ready to to walk through those doors dawning the armor of God to fight the evil forces that try to take over our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Corey Haviland (3)

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