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Spirituality during my transition to adulthood has been a learning and hands on experience. I grew up in the Christian home, having professed Christ as Lord and Savior at an early age. My Christian faith has had such a significant influence in my life that it has become a way of life for me. My theological and religious studies to becom a minister began at a early age when I decided to go and study the Bible and Theology at a Christian Bible institute in (1973-1976); then went on to a Bible college for 2 years and graduated in 1977 then proceeded to finish my Bachelors degree (1979;Then afterward entered the NY Theological Seminary(1980) to work on my M. Div.; a year later I took a leave of absences. In 1981, I was ordained as a minister by the Board of Elders at the Local independent church I was a member. Since then I have had hands on experience in the ministry as an local Evangelist and pastor. To make a long story short at this point in my ministry I want to be part of an ordaining institution with nationwide recognition, proper Christian accreditation, and plenty of experience satisfying regional requirements; and be certify as a non-denominational Christian minister with life time credentials that does not expire every year and Legally valid in all 50 US states. In July of 2000 to 2006, I Founded and Pastored The Potter’s House Worship Center, INC. (La Casa del Alfarero) to reach out to the Hispanic Community. I provided spiritual leadership to members of the church. Prepared weekly sermons preached and conducted worship services. Provided care and counseling to church members and assisted them in crisis situations. Officiated at special services; Water baptism, child dedications; funerals. Communion Services. I’m Currently reaching out into different communities and working as a church without walls. Working in whatever community and reaching out for people, letting them know that we are here to serve them. •To have evangelism seminars on how to be effective witnesses and feel comfortable in inviting Non believers and friends to church. •To find and get others to become involved in doing Church without Walls. •to strive for a deeper spiritual commitment as we endeavor to work more effectively in ministry. I continue to endeavor on putting together a more effective plan in reaching out to the community and to impact the waiting harvess My networking goals and the opportunities I would you like to find. To advance the teachings of the Holy Scripture, to perform religious ceremonies, including weddings between a man and a woman; to use my clergical authority to carry out all functions of a Christian ministry. Start my own ministry/ Congregation again and help to make a difference in society by improving people’s lives spiritually and other wise. Represent the church to appropriate outside organizations.

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