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I first heard the gospel in 6th grade although I’d attended an Episcopal church my whole life.  I lived in an area with no non-denominational Christian churches so I had no real guidance for my Christian path.   Eventually I got into a Christian church and a large fellowship of believers.  It certainly changed my life. I’ve been hungry for more and more ever since, and very happy to say that my studying and knowledge has grown, sometimes daily, as has my personal relationship with Jesus.

My husband and I attend a wonderful church in North Carolina that takes the salvation of the community seriously.  We work to show the love of the Lord to everyone, evangelizing and sharing the gospel in any opportunity we have.

Still wanting more, I joined on staff with a ministry evangelizing to college students.  It’s such a blessing to share the gospel and see the lives of young adults change.  No words can describe the blessing I feel being part of their testimony.

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